Add Style to Your Floor with a Hardwood Inlay or Border

Medallion Inlay | Flowers Flooring

A hardwood floor inlay is an easy way to add style to your floor and personalize your space. A hardwood floor inlay is made by fashioning a pattern or design out of different colored woods and fitting them together in a floor, wall, or ceiling. An inlay creates a dramatic effect in any room. Inlaid…

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Benefits of Berber Carpet

Benefits of Berber Carpet | Flowers Flooring

Berber carpet is a popular carpet choice because of its wool-like look and durability. Berber, also called high-level loop, is a weave of tight yarn loops that stand upright, forming a bumpy texture. This type of carpet helps hide footprints and vacuum marks. It is also easier to clean than cut pile or plush carpet,…

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