2022 Carpet Trends: Wall-to-Wall Patterned Carpet

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While carpeting may have taken a backseat for many years in favor of hardwood, luxury-vinyl, and laminate flooring options, wall-to-wall carpeting is making a comeback in 2022. In spaces where comfort and warmth are paramount, such as bedrooms, living rooms, dens, or kids’ playrooms, wall-to-wall carpet is the clear choice for creating a cozy, yet stylish environment. Carpet manufacturers are back in the game churning out modern, updated styles and installations with stunning features and patterns that add durability, definition, and of course comfort into key areas of the home.

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Eye-Catching Carpet Trends

It’s true, hardwood floors are timeless and absolutely not going anywhere, but the modern 2022 wall-to-wall carpeting not only brings a luxurious sense of comfort but also serves as inspiration for styling an entire room from the floor up. Carpet is a fantastic way to introduce color, texture, or pattern into the home, building the foundation for the mood and the rest of the decor in your space. From bright and bold contrasting colors, to rich, luxurious jewel tones, calming earthy natural textures, to geometric and intricate patterns the 2022 carpet trends are packed with style paired with long-lasting functionality.


Some of the top 2022 carpet trends include:

  • Bold and Bright
  • Eco Chic
  • Back to Nature
  • Jewel Tones
  • Maximalism
  • Patterned


Our focus for this blog is all about patterns for wall-to-wall carpet. Thinking about using patterns for such a large area such as the floor can be overwhelming, but even bold eye-catching patterns have their place. Patterns allow designers and homeowners alike a fresh way to express personality throughout the home. From stripes to animal print, to neutral subtle patterns and big bold statement prints, patterned carpet is surprisingly versatile and easy to use. Let’s take a look into some of the most popular pattern trends.


Geometric Carpet Patterns

Geometric patterns have been popular for interior aesthetics but have mainly been seen on cushions, bedding, pillows, and other accents. In 2022, geometric print carpeting in all different styles and colors will be big. Taking a note from the maximalist movement, patterns of all shapes, sizes, and bursting with color are


Everything from cute dot patterns for kids’ rooms, Moroccan-inspired trellis designs, more bold linear patterns in bright hues, and patchwork designs for living spaces patterned carpet brings pops of texture and color to a room.



Animal Print Carpet

Who doesn’t love a good animal print? Spruce up a bland space and take a walk on the wild side with cheetah, giraffe, leopard, or even zebra print carpeting. For a more rustic approach, palomino or cowhide inspired prints make a head-turning statement. While animal print wall-to-wall flooring can be considered a bold look, these prints occurring in nature also lend a neutral balance to a space. The natural browns, blacks, and greys that occur in animal print allow for a wide range of inspired design aesthetics and make an excellent accent to any space. Animal print carpet creates a sophisticated, sleek, and fun conversation piece.


Floral Prints

Bold floral patterns are better than ever. You’ll find them on everything from accent walls to throw pillows, bedding, furniture upholstery and yep, you guessed it, carpet flooring. Floral carpet offers a bold statement piece with a neutral twist. While floral patterned carpet bursting with color is perfectly acceptable and encouraged in 2022, you’ll see even muted gray carpet with intricate floral and floral-inspired designs that suggests a slightly vintage look and allows for playful color accents with paint, textiles, furniture, and more.



Stripes are a great way to elongate a room and create the illusion of a larger space. Striped carpet creates an optical illusion, drawing the eye in and adding depth. Big bold stripes work well with bold wall colors and brightly colored contrasting patterns, especially florals. Or more demure, thin, and neutral striped flooring offers a chic, preppy look. Regardless of the striped look you choose, you can’t go wrong.


Always Mad About Plaid

Plaid in any color, is a classic look. Traditional yet trendy, plaid never goes out of style. Not only does plaid carpet work well in any room of the home, but the linear pattern is a built-in grid to place furniture and artwork to create the optimal layout for your space.


Choosing Wall-to-Wall Pattern Carpets

There is no doubt about it, we’ll be getting more adventurous with our carpet choices to create head-turning interiors in 2022 and beyond. If you’re worried about patterned carpet limiting the rest of the decor in your home, think again. Mixing and matching patterns is very on-trend and adds depth and personality to your home. Mix patterned carpet with printed sofas and furniture for a visually stimulating space.


When choosing your wall-to-wall patterned carpet, consider how the room will be used and what type of feel you want to create–are you trying to create a calming retreat or make a bold statement?


Bolder statement patterns tend to work better for hallways, landings, stairs, and other transitional spaces in the home. This brings a focal point to an otherwise “unimportant” overlooked space. Neutral, more plain patterns work well in bedrooms or living spaces where creating a calming and relaxing area is the goal. Choose textures like plush velvet, and deep, rich colors like jewel tones for the ultimate regal, luxurious feeling.


Other factors to consider when choosing a carpet is the amount of traffic the room gets. High-traffic areas (hallways, living rooms) will be more subject to wear and tear and dirt. Close, tight geometric patterns, speckled carpet, herringbone and tightly-wound textures work well to hide any mishaps that may occur.



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