Design Trend: Flooring on the Ceiling

Flooring | Flowers Flooring

The general feeling lately is anything but traditional when it comes to interior design. The trends for flooring have such a wide range, from fumed wood, blanched flooring to geometric tile, or graphic vinyl. The bottom line is creating visually interesting and exciting spaces. Designers are using mixed materials, combining patterns, colors, and textures, in…

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5 Tips for Buying Flooring Online

Have you ever purchased something online, and despite reading the reviews, scouring for product images, reading dimensions, size charts, and more, it just, well, isn’t what you were expecting? Sure. It’s happened to all of us, and for minor purchases (and with free shipping and returns), it’s no big deal; disappointing for sure, but all…

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Mosaic Tile Trends to Watch

Wall design | Flowers Flooring

Designers and homeowners agree that we can’t get enough mosaic tile trends. Whether you’re building from scratch, gutting and remodeling, or need a little inspired design refresh, implementing mosaic tile is a popular choice. Tile is available in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors. With its unique features and durability, it is the perfect…

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Product Review: Pet Perfect Carpet by Anderson Tuftex

Carpet Flooring | Flowers Flooring

If you love your furry friends as much as we do, you know that our pets are just part of the family. But if you have pets, you also know that their muddy pawprints, shedding, and slobber are not the friendliest to our floors.     Achieving the warmth and softness of carpet while also…

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