2023 Flooring Trends

A new year means fun new flooring trends to track, and 2023 is no exception. Many homeowners start planning now for Spring flooring projects. Looking at the current trends in hardwood, carpet, tile, and other flooring materials is a great way to start building your flooring vision board.

So what is on the 2023 horizon for home flooring? The trends are anything but boring. Lighter color hardwoods and larger format tile will dominate the remodeling scene. We are already seeing fun patterns, textured materials, and bold colors becoming more popular, too.

Sustainable Materials

Retailers, from fashion to flooring, are hyper-focused on sustainability. Consumers are demanding more accountability when it comes to responsible sourcing and manufacturing, driving the availability of more earth conscious flooring products.

The top eco-friendly options are bamboo hardwood floors, porcelain tiles, and natural fiber carpets. Bamboo is a highly sustainable material. Look for hardwoods made out of Bamboo and other earth-friendly wood species like Cork. Tile is very underrated as a sustainable material. They’re made of natural materials, long-lasting and recyclable. Natural fiber carpets like wool and sisal or jute are better for the environment than synthetic fibers.

A good idea is to check out the manufacturer’s flooring information page on the flooring you are interested in buying to understand how the product is made, the number of resources it requires to produce, and if it’s made from sustainable materials.

Large Format Tile

Selfishly, we love large format tiles because they’re so much faster and easier to install compared to small mosaic tiles. It still remains that large format tile, meaning tiles over 12 inches by 12 inches, are trending in 2023. They’re great for making a room look larger since they require fewer grout lines. Fewer grout lines also means less scrubbing and cleaning for homeowners.


In 2023, textures will be everything. From hardwoods and vinyl to carpets and tile, textured materials will be ubiquitous. Texture is a way to add visual interest and layers without adding more colors. Heavily scrapped hardwood floors give a rustic farmhouse feel while textured tile is sophisticated and chic.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Nothing is more 2023 than wall-to-wall carpet. Carpet is making its way into more rooms this year thanks to outstanding feats of carpet technology that has waterproof, pet and child-friendly options that are super stain resistant. You won’t be cringing when spills happen. Consider carpet when planning your next flooring project, especially if your current carpet is worn down, stained and tired.

Along with carpet that is easier to maintain, manufacturers have released fun new patterns and textured rugs that give homeowners more options and colors to choose from than ever before.

Herringbone Pattern

If you haven’t seen a herringbone pattern yet, where have you been hiding? It is appearing everywhere from tile backsplashes to hardwood floors. This 2023 trend is not a budget friendly flooring option, however. The means used by flooring professionals to install the pattern requires a lot of cuts and creates much more waste than a traditional brick pattern installation, which will end up costing you more in materials and labor.

Rubber Flooring

Have a room full of exercise equipment at home? Well, a lot of people do after the past few years, and now they are making it legit with rubber flooring. This sports flooring, with its antimicrobial properties, is a great option for turning any space into a functional home gym.

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