3 Ways to Protect Your Floors from Winter Weather

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Winter is here and with it comes mud, rain, slush, snow, salt, and ice. All of which wreak havoc on your floors. Salt is especially a concern when it comes to your flooring. You may not salt your walkways at your residence, but many businesses use salt in the winter to keep ice from forming on sidewalks, roads and driveways. It gets on shoes and then leaves a white residue on carpets and hardwoods that is hard, if not impossible, to clean.

There’s no way to keep all of the elements out of the house but there are ways to minimize the damage and protect your floors from winter weather. We have three tips to help you get through the season.

1. Use Area Rugs
One of the best ways to shield your floors from winter weather is to use area rugs in entryways and high traffic areas. Putting rugs both inside and outside of your door provides two opportunities for dirt and moisture to be eliminated before making its way into your house. Here are some tips for choosing the right size area rugs.

2. Clean More Often
This is the most un-fun way to keep your floors from being affected by the winter weather but it’s highly effective. As much as possible, wipe up any water that is trekked in as quickly as possible. The longer moisture stands on your floors, the more opportunity it has to damage your floors. Even a small amount can damage a floor and leave water spots and standing water attracts more dirt. For cleaning hardwoods, we recommend a good hardwood cleaner, like Bona, and a microfiber rag.

3. Please Remove Your Shoes
Boots and shoes are the primary culprits responsible for bringing the outside inside your home. If you are a “shoes welcome” household, consider suspending that rule for the winter months to help mitigate the amount of mud brought in on soles of dirty shoes. You may even want to purchase a waterproof boot tray that will trap water and keep it off the floor.

Out with the Old, In with the New
Winter weather is unavoidable and even with your best efforts you may end up with damaged floors after long-term exposure. If your floors are already damaged from years of winter weather perhaps it’s time to part ways and install new flooring. If that is the route you decide to take, consider installing water resistant or waterproof flooring in areas of your home like mudrooms, entryways and kitchens that will be exposed to winter weather so you can worry less about your floors being ruined each year.

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