4 Design Tips to Create the Perfect DIY Home Gym

Design Tips to Create the Perfect DIY Home Gym | Flowers Flooring

So, you’re ready to trade in your pricey gym membership and create your own fitness studio at home. There are many benefits to a home gym including:


  1. Working out on your own schedule
  2. Saving money on a gym membership
  3. Choosing your fitness program
  4. Never waiting for equipment


A well-designed home gym can provide a convenient, motivating area to work up a sweat and reach your fitness goals—without leaving the house.

“I ask my clients to be their very best when working out with me. Quality flooring is essential to maximizing gains from an intense workout. The more you move, and the more you work, the more you need a good foundation under your feet.” – ACE Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer Danielle Minnis, Owner Phase Four Fitness Phase 4 Fitness.


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Follow these five DIY home gym design tips to make the most out of your project.


Design Tip #1: Choose Your Space

Any available space can work for a home fitness center, really it is up to you. A home gym can be outfitted in a basement, garage, or spare room. Choose a space that provides ample clearance for any equipment you may need to effectively and safely exercise.


Important considerations to make a space that is inviting and motivating include:


  • Location- are you someone who needs to be isolated to get a good sweat sesh? A shared living space may not be the best area to transform into your home gym.
  • Temperature control- if you live in an area with extreme weather and temperatures, you may consider if the space is well heated for winter or has air conditioning for warmer seasons.
  • Ventilation- consider proper air flow and factors such as humidity and moisture that could become deterrents for getting in your best workout.
  • Square Footage- when choosing your ideal space, consider height, length, and width requirements for equipment such as treadmills, rowers, racks, and stationary bikes.
  • Storage Space- avoiding clutter is also important to maximize your workout area and ensure proper safety. Consider wall-mounted racks or fold up equipment that is easily stored.


Design Tip #2: Install Fitness Style Gym Flooring

Now that you have your perfect spot in the house, make sure you have the proper flooring to maximize your experience. Carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and cement all have their benefits as far as flooring goes but aren’t necessarily ideal for an exercise space. Some flooring materials will prove to be much too slick, prone to damage, or just downright uncomfortable.



Rubber fitness flooring is the way to go for your home gym. Rubber flooring is not only durable and long-lasting but offers a cushioned surface that is ideal for exercising. Rubber sports flooring is moisture resistant and mold resistant (so sweat away), less likely to scratch or dent, offers noise cancellation, and is really easy to maintain and clean. And with many styles, installation options, colors and designs, you can find rubber flooring that is as good looking as it is affordable.



Design Tip #3: Choose the Right Equipment

Choosing the right equipment for your home gym is key. To do this, determine what kind of workouts you will do. If you’re into weightlifting you’ll need plates, barbells, free weights, racks, and benches. If you’re more into cardio, consider a stationary bike like Peloton, rower, or a treadmill. Need it all? The range of fitness equipment on the market is widespread and plentiful, do your research before you buy and buy equipment that is versatile and durable. Consider buying used if on a budget, and building some of your own equipment to cut costs.


Other tips for choosing and buying equipment, especially if you’re buying new—buy from one retailer and order all at once. Fitness equipment is heavy, which means high shipping costs. Avoid multiple shipments with one order from one supplier if possible. Conversely, buying in small batches is also a great way to stay friendly to your budget and not overwhelm yourself in the process.


Design Tip #4: Create a Motivating Space

Transform the space into a professional looking fitness center. Have you claimed real estate in the basement with the washer and dryer? Put up a decorative divider like a curtain to block out distractions. Paint the walls. Choose bold, bright, or neutral colors to create an inviting space. Hang motivational posters or photography. Invest in a full-length mirror. A mirror not only gives that “real” gym feeling, but gives you a tool to check your form, and mark your progress.


Install shelving or storage to declutter the space and to house your equipment. Get connected—WiFi connected exercise equipment for the home is gaining popularity. When designing your home gym, consider connectivity for using TVs, sound equipment, and fitness related equipment that requires WiFi to work properly. Make sure your home gym is located in an area with good connection, so a weak internet signal won’t slow you down.



DIY Home Gym Design: Getting Started

Whether you’re canceling your gym membership or adding a home fitness space for added convenience, there are so many benefits to a home gym when you have a space that is well-designed and properly furnished. From the wall color and decor, to the fitness equipment, sound system, and the proper flooring, you’ll want to make sure all the elements come together and stay on budget for your DIY home gym remodel. Experts at Flowers Flooring can help you take a step toward the home gym of your dreams with the right gym flooring solutions to fit your space, installation experience, and best of all—your budget. Contact us today to learn more about sports rubber flooring.




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