4 Features to Look for in an Outdoor Area Rug

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As summer fades into autumn, people are clinging to their time spent outside. Whether out grilling, laying by the pool, or gathered around a cozy fire as the hazy summer days turn into crisp autumn nights. Outdoor spaces such as patios, porches, decks, or even just a designated spot in the yard offer the opportunity to take more of life outside. By creating a well-decorated, functional, comfortable outdoor space, your porch or patio can become an extension of your indoor living space that can be enjoyed for many months out of the year.


Make the most of your outdoor living spaces by creating a comfortable space with outdoor furniture and a well placed decorative area rug. The right patio furniture paired with the right outdoor rug that is both functional and pleases your aesthetic. Your outdoor space should set the mood and ambiance for a place where people want to gather to relax.

Decorating an outdoor living space, however, can provide a unique set of challenges because the area, furniture, and accessories like area rugs are exposed to the outdoor elements. That said, not all outdoor rugs are created equal, and when choosing the right one, color and style shouldn’t be the only factors on your mind.


  1. Consider Utility and Aesthetics for Patio Rugs

Outdoor area rugs are an often overlooked piece of decor for the patio or porch area; however, they are an important aspect that can pull a space together and make an area look cohesive. Outdoor area rugs are designed to not only add to the look and character of outside spaces but adds both comfort and function to a recreational outdoor space. Outdoor area rugs can be used to separate and define spaces, such as outdoor seating areas adding a uniform feel while also protecting the surface of your deck or patio.


Decorating an outdoor space can be like decorating an indoor area, but there are other factors to consider such as weather, elements, and the use of the space. Consider not only the aesthetic and placement of your outdoor rug, but also utility. The material of your rug is paramount.


  1. Choosing Material and Construction for an Outdoor Rug

Outdoor area rugs are often made from synthetic materials such as nylon, polypropylene, or polyester which can withstand moisture and are less susceptible to mildew. Synthetic fabrics are often more durable which makes them ideal for outdoor spaces and they are easily cleaned, making them best for high traffic areas and spaces that are exposed to dirt, rain, and other outdoor elements.


Exposure to direct, constant sunlight makes outdoor area rugs (and furniture) subject to fading over time. When selecting an outdoor rug, choose an option that is colorfast, with hues being part of the actual fibers of the rug, so that the colors remain vivid and are resistant to breakdown and fading.

When deciding on which outdoor area rug is best for your space, consider the way the rug is manufactured or constructed. Flat-weave rugs tend to be a good fit for outdoor spaces due to their tight fibers making them ideal for high foot traffic and enduring moisture. Fluffy rugs will collect dirt and moisture and won’t have the long lasting sustainability of other rugs with a more resistant weave.


  1. Think About the Placement, Size, and Shape of Decorative Area Rugs

Designing your outdoor space is exciting because the possibilities are endless. While there are materials and constructs of an area rug that make them a more ideal choice for the outdoors, when it comes to styles, sizes, and shapes there are many to choose from to create a custom space that is both inviting and functional.


A rule of thumb when choosing elements of decor for an outdoor living area, consider the vision you have for your space. How do you want the space to feel? Or is there a particular function the rug (and furniture) need to serve? For example, if the space will be used for outdoor dining, it is important to choose a rug large enough that the chairs can still be pulled out. Generally speaking, the rug should be about 2’ wider than the table on all sides. The shape of your dining table usually will dictate the shape of the rug. Oval or round tables tend to look more cohesive when placed on top of a round rug whereas square and rectangular tables work best with area rugs of the same shape.


  1. 2021 Color and Design Trends for Outdoor Rugs

Lastly, consider the look you’re trying to create. While placement and use are important factors to consider when choosing a design of your outdoor rug, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your perfect customizable space.


For ultra chic and modern spaces, choose a black and white rug. Black and white patterns continue to be a dynamic statement for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Create the feeling of being on vacation with a tropical print area rug near the pool, or on the patio. Other outdoor rug trends include:


  • Moroccan pattern oversized rugs
  • Neutral area rugs
  • Coastal striped rugs
  • Southwest style area rugs


Choosing an Outdoor Area Rug

With so many endless options, colors, materials and designs choosing an outdoor area rug is both exciting and daunting.  Flowers Flooring has a wide array of budget-friendly area rugs to choose from for both indoor and outdoor use. Our team of experts can help you choose an outdoor rug that is right for your space from size to style and color and everything in between. Contact Flowers Flooring today.


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