Add Style to Your Floor with a Hardwood Inlay or Border

Medallion Inlay | Flowers Flooring

A hardwood floor inlay is an easy way to add style to your floor and personalize your space. A hardwood floor inlay is made by fashioning a pattern or design out of different colored woods and fitting them together in a floor, wall, or ceiling. An inlay creates a dramatic effect in any room. Inlaid borders can also be used as a separation between two distinct flooring styles, on thresholds between two rooms, or to mark the outline of furniture groupings. These decorative designs can add character to an otherwise simple hardwood floor.

With the various types of wood and finishes available, hardwood flooring can be installed in virtually any room in your home—even in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. While the price of hardwood floor inlays has decreased in recent years, they do add additional labor and materials to a hardwood floor installation. Flowers Flooring recommends they be installed in an environment where they will be protected. The most common areas for inlays are entryways and inlaid borders around the perimeter of a room.

You can either purchase a hardwood inlay already designed and built, or a Flowers Flooring installer can design a one-of-a-kind inlay for you. Our installers can make a hardwood inlay out of any kind of wood that is suitable for a floor. The grain and color of the woods you select for your inlay will determine what kind of effect it will have. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used species of hardwood:


  • Oak – Known for its dark tight grain.
  • Ash – Known for its uniform light texture and grain.
  • Birch – Known for its knotholes.
  • Fir – Known for its large patches of dark grain.
  • Maple – Has a less pronounced grain pattern.


Exotic and specialty woods are more expensive, but they make beautiful inlays. These include walnut, teak, and cherry. When you are looking for a dramatic addition to any room, consider adding an inlay medallion or border.


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