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 For today’s homeowners, the garage isn’t just a place to park and store power tools and lawn care equipment anymore. Garages, whether attached or detached, are being reimagined into additional living spaces and the sky’s the limit. From in-home gyms, workshops, a built-in bar and game room, recreation rooms, to in-law quarters, a sound studio, the possibilities really are endless–whatever your imagination can come up with and wherever your DIY skills can take you.

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When transforming the garage into your dream space, it is so crucial to consider every aspect of the design to ensure functionality, comfort, and aesthetic. One critical factor is the floor.


Typically, the garage has a poured concrete floor, therefore, when using the garage as extra living or recreational space, comfort and functionality are huge determining factors of what flooring material you’ll want to use. Since the garage is more susceptible to weather and moisture, choosing the right material that is both durable and functional is key–especially if you reside in a region that experiences harsh changes in temperature.


There are several garage floor choices that are worth looking into including epoxy, carpet, and vinyl, but our number one choice is rubber flooring, for a variety of reasons. While rubber floors are most associated with sports flooring and in-home gyms, rubber is making a breakthrough in how it’s used. Rubber flooring is becoming one of the most versatile flooring options out there.


Rubber Flooring for Garages


Rubber flooring is ideal for transforming the garage into a home gym, workshop, recreation area, game room and so much more. Due to its incredible durability, insulation qualities, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and being extremely easy to clean and maintain and is easy to install, rubber offers the perfect affordable and long-lasting solution for the garage.

Rubber floors are comfortable underfoot, while being tough enough to withstand heavy furniture, high foot traffic, kids, pets, and more. It is strong enough to store heavy tools and equipment and is extremely easy to clean up any messes from workshop projects or even outdoor dirt and dust.


However, if you plan to keep your garage functioning as, well, a garage in addition to the bonus room you’re planning to use it for, then your choice of rubber flooring will also need to be able to hold up under your parked vehicle.


When to Use Rubber Flooring and What Kind to Use


What type of rubber floor is ideal to meet all these requirements? About 90% of the rubber flooring sold in the U.S. is made from rebonded rubber. Rebonded rubber is essentially rubber that is held together by polyurethane-based glue. While it may be strong enough to keep its quality beneath your car, oil from cars or lawnmowers can break down the glue over time, which then in turn will break down the flooring material as well.


Vulcanized rubber flooring is ideal for garages where you’re planning to also park your car. These floors are not bonded together with glue and they are melted together and therefore form an extremely strong bond durable enough to stand up to oils and solvents that are commonly found in garages.


When choosing rubber flooring for the garage, consider what you’ll mainly use the space for and what properties are most important. There are a variety of rubber flooring products currently on the market to choose from:


Interlocking Rubber Tiles


Interlocking rubber tile flooring fits together like puzzle pieces with interlocking edges and a fit so precise you’ll get a totally finished, seamless look. These tiles are an ideal solution if you aren’t looking for permanent flooring without sacrificing durability and quality. They are super easy to assemble and install yet can completely transform your space. Rubber tile is often available in various styles, colors, weights, and thicknesses to meet a variety of different end-uses.


Roll-out Rubber Flooring


Rubber rolls are versatile and strong and can withstand the test of time. Its durability is reliable for protecting against heavy equipment such as exercise machines, free weights, lawn equipment, tool benches, furniture, and more. Not only is it strong and durable, but this material is also soft and comfortable underfoot. It is great for residential spaces for its aesthetic qualities combined with extreme durability. Roll-out rubber flooring is water repellent, easy to clean, offers noise reduction, and shock absorption which makes it great for home workouts, long periods of standing at a workbench or while working on a car, or just to stand up to the weight of equipment. Rolled rubber is easy to install and is one of the most favored rubber flooring options out there because of its high-performance qualities.


Pros of Rubber Garage Flooring


There are many benefits for using rubber flooring including:

  • Easy to clean: Rubber flooring wipes clean often with just a damp towel, dry mop for day-to-day, and mild solvents when needed.
  • Easy to install: Just like traditional garage flooring, rubber tiles are easy to interlock together, and the rolls just simply roll out. Mats? Lay them down where you need them.
  • Durable: Rubber flooring is perhaps the most durable, shock-absorbing flooring option available. It can hold up to heavy weights – including the weight of your car. You can expect your rubber floor to last for years to come.
  • Shock absorbent: Rubber flooring is designed to absorb shock making it an ideal solution to protecting your subfloor and against cracked concrete when throwing around weights, or from the impact of your heavy vehicle, lawn equipment, tools, or when using it to workout. This type of floor is also ideal for protecting the joints from impact during workouts.
  • Multi-purpose: You can use rubber as a garage gym flooring, to park your car, for pets, locker rooms and so much more.
  • Anti-microbial: Rubber is naturally antimicrobial and will not harbor mold, fungi or mildew growth.
  • Sound dampening: Rubber is a natural sound insulator, so if you plan on working with loud power tools, cranking the music, or using your garage as your band practice space, you (and everyone in your home) will love rubber flooring.


Rubber Garage Flooring


Rubber, whether interlocking tile, mats, or roll out, is an ideal solution to transforming the garage into a usable space for more than just storage and parking. Its versatility, and wide array of choices for style and colors offer an affordable option for creating the garage of your dreams.


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