Maximize Your Tax Return with New Flooring

Each year, about 75% of the U.S. population is faced with the dilemma of what to do with their tax refund check from the government. According to IRS data, refund checks average around $3,000. So, what is a person to do with a lump sum of that magnitude? Pay off debt? Travel? Buy Bitcoin? Shopping…

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3 Ways to Protect Your Floors from Winter Weather

Area rug | Flowers Flooring

Winter is here and with it comes mud, rain, slush, snow, salt, and ice. All of which wreak havoc on your floors. Salt is especially a concern when it comes to your flooring. You may not salt your walkways at your residence, but many businesses use salt in the winter to keep ice from forming…

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Best Floors for Hosting a Carefree Holiday

Best Floors for Hosting a Carefree Holiday | Flowers Flooring

If you are planning to host Thanksgiving or other holiday parties this year, you may be stressed about properly preparing your home for guests. Updating your outdated and worn out flooring can completely transform your home, making it feel well prepped for the holidays. At Flower Flooring we want you to enjoy the holiday season.…

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Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs | Flowers Flooring

 A custom area rug can transform a space into one that feels both warm and inviting. Certain areas of your home such as the entryway, offer a great opportunity to make a bold statement or to tell a story with an area rug’s design. At Flowers Flooring, we know that not all areas of your…

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