Creating a Hardwood Accent Wall

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Hardwood flooring can be installed in many different ways, even on a ceiling or a wall – called a hardwood accent wall. Hardwood makes a stunning accent wall that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. The benefits of wood flooring on the wall besides that it looks really cool is that it can be stained any color and sealed, making a durable surface on your wall. If you choose a prefinished product, you can create a variety of designs and patterns to suit your style.

Wall Installation Dos and Don’ts

Installing hardwood flooring on the wall is very similar to installing it on the floor. It either needs to be nailed or stapled to the wall to keep it solidly in place. There are some limitations to the types of walls hardwood can be attached to, however. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when considering a hardwood accent wall installation:

  • Do install over a plywood base
  • Do establish a level starting point
  • Do fill holes with nail filler and sand after
  • Don’t install over walls with metal stud framing
  • Don’t install over exterior basement walls
  • Don’t install over sloping walls

Hardwood Accent Wall Design Tips

Adding an accent wall to your home using hardwood flooring brings warmth and visual interest to a space. Some of the most popular places to find these accent walls are behind a fireplace in a living room or behind the bed in a bedroom. Hallways and entryways are also great spaces for an accent wall.

“Hardwoods can be mixed to create a unique look. If you have dark hardwood on the floor, perhaps you want to go with something lighter on the walls. You can also use the same hardwood to create a seamless look,” says Catie Mullins, Flowers Flooring Sales Associate. “We have a lot of customers inquiring about hardwood accent walls. It’s absolutely beautiful with the wide, hand-scraped hardwoods, but the possibilities are endless and completely depend on your specific style and home décor.”

Mixing and matching boards, using short and long planks, or orienting boards in different configurations will give your accent wall an entirely different look. Here are some options for orienting your hardwoods on the wall.

  • Horizontal – Laying the hardwood planks horizontally across the wall, parallel to the baseboard, gives you a variation of the popular shiplap look. It makes a wall feel longer than it actually is. You can stagger the seams for a varied brick pattern, or you can line up the seems to create straight lines across the wall.
  • Vertical – Don’t get nervous that a vertical installation will look like old fashioned wood paneling. When you use hardwood planks, it’s a whole new, fresh take on an old trend. Using a vertical pattern will make the wall look taller and give height to the room.
  • Herringbone – For a sophisticated and stylish look, try a herringbone pattern with the hardwoods on the wall. A herringbone pattern will use more materials since boards have to be cut to fit so it will cost you a little extra if you go with this pattern on your accent wall.

Think Beyond Hardwood

Hardwood tends to have a higher price point than other types of solid flooring. If you are designing on a budget, you can get the same wood look accent wall with vinyl or laminate flooring products. Not only that, but they can be installed where hardwoods can’t, like over uneven walls or exterior basement walls.

Vinyl and laminate flooring doesn’t need a plywood base to be installed, either. It can either be floated over the wall or glued down. Plus, the planks are super easy to keep clean by wiping down with a mild cleaning solution.

Use a Professional to Install Your Hardwood Accent Wall

The best advice we can give for creating a hardwood accent wall in your home is to hire a professional, like Flowers Flooring, to install it for you. Installing wood flooring on a vertical surface is a little tricky, especially if you are going for a specialty pattern like a herringbone.

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