Custom Area Rugs – How to Get the Right Size for Your Space

Finding the right size area rug is not always easy. If you have searched and searched for an area rug for a room in your home and can’t find the right size, a custom area rug is a perfect solution. It can completely transform a dull space into one that feels both warm and inviting. Spaces in your home, like an entryway, living room, or dining room, are great for making a statement with an area rug.

What is a Custom Area Rug

A custom area rug is a wall-to-wall carpet or carpet remnant professionally cut to size and bound by a flooring business to your exact measurements. You choose the type of carpet, design, and dimensions, and then the rug is trimmed down. Since the edges of a carpet are ragged and sharp when cut, the outside edge is bound. The binding is wrapped around the outside and sewn so it won’t fray or unravel. You can choose your binding to coordinate with the carpet, getting a true, custom, one-of-a-kind area rug.

Standard Rug Sizes

If you have ever been shopping for an area rug, you know they only come in standard sizes. There are variations and slight differences in measurements depending on the rug manufacturer, but for a room-sized rug, these are the sizes you’ll have to work with if you want to buy an area rug.

    • 3×5 – This is a small rug that is good for an entryway or bathroom.
    • 5×8 – A good size next to a bed or to anchor a loveseat.
    • 7×10 – This will fit under a dining table that seats four to six.
    • 9×12 – Large enough to fit under a large sofa and fill most average sized rooms.

However, not all rooms are created equal, and not all rooms will work with the standard-sized rectangular or circular shaped rug. This is where a custom area rug can bring a lot of value. A custom area rug can be cut into any shape and any size. If you have angled or curved walls, a custom area rug is a way to go.

Steps for Selecting a Custom Area Rug

Step 1 – Locate a local flooring company that sells carpets and can cut custom area rugs, like Flowers Flooring.
Step 2 – Measure your room carefully and bring the dimensions for your desired rug size to the carpet store.
Step 3 – Work with the sales staff to choose the best rug and binding for your lifestyle and decor.
Step 4 – Order your custom area rug and in a short time, you’ll have the perfect area rug for your home.

Custom Area Rugs for Your Home

Custom area rugs are unique one-of-a-kind styles. These rugs can be purchased or uniquely created by you to complement your design and color concepts. There are so many different options to select from and many brands that offer custom area rugs.

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