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 A custom area rug can transform a space into one that feels both warm and inviting. Certain areas of your home such as the entryway, offer a great opportunity to make a bold statement or to tell a story with an area rug’s design.

At Flowers Flooring, we know that not all areas of your home are created equal, so why do rugs seem to only come in the rectangular shape? In addition, most manufacturers only offer certain standard sizes. But what if your room is too big or has odd dimensions? This is where a custom area rug can bring a lot value, not to mention style to your space. Custom area rugs are made in all kinds of shapes and sizes. If you are unsure if a custom area rug is right for your space, this blog post will outline a few reasons you should consider to help you make the right decision.


Angled or Curved Walls – Room aren’t always a standard size or shape. With angles and curved walls, there are a lot of shapes your room can take. If your space has an angled or curved wall, you’re going to want to create your own custom shaped rug.


For angled walls, create a custom rug with one of the corners clipped. Before ordering, make sure you have the correct dimensions so that the manufacturer can cut the corner with precision. If you are not comfortable measuring, a Flowers Flooring estimator can come into your home at no cost and complete this task for you.


For curved walls, take the same approach but with a curved edge instead. Common curved area rugs are often semi-circles, ovals and rounds, but if you need a unique shape, try drawing a diagram for your manufacturer or simply having a Flowers Flooring estimator do it for you.


Very Small or Very Large Rooms – A small rug in a large room can look very awkward. As can a large rug in a small room. The bottom line is that in both scenarios, the standard rug creates an awkward space that’s difficult to design around – either the room drowns in floor coverings or feels oddly empty. A custom-made area rug is guaranteed to fill the space without becoming overwhelming. Once you decide how much floor you want to leave uncovered, you can design a custom rug that is the perfect fit for your large or small room.


Fireplace Hearth – Fireplaces typically have hearths that expand out from the walls a couple of feet. While this creates a warm and inviting space, it also makes it difficult to find the right area rug. With a hearth to work around, a rectangle or square rug will have a difficult time hugging around the corners of the hearth, leaving plenty of empty space near your wall. This creates a gap that can be strange to look at. By designing a custom area rug to fit around the hearth, you can avoid creating those empty spaces and fill out the entire room.

Wall-to-Wall – For lofted areas or great rooms, a custom area rug is the only way you’re going to cover your floor properly from wall-to-wall. This is especially important if you want to protect your hardwood floors from heavy trafficked areas of your home like the family room and hallways.


So now that you’ve chosen to go with a custom-made area rug, let’s go over the steps to follow to successfully complete this creative process.


  1. Step 1 – Stop by the Flowers Flooring showroom to look at the Shaw Cut-a-Rug custom area rug designs and binding
  2. Step 2 – Select the size
  3. Step 3 – Select the shape
  4. Step 4 – Order your custom area rug

Custom area rugs are unique one-of-a-kind styles. These rugs can be purchased or uniquely created by you to compliment your design and color concepts. There are so many different options to select from. At Flowers Flooring we want to make sure you are happy from your first step in our showroom to your first step on your new flooring or area rug. Call today to schedule your free in-home estimate (704) 445-7750 or contact us online.