Dealing with Pet Urine on Hardwood Floors

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Pet urine on your hardwood floors is not fun to deal with or fun to clean up. Dogs and cats are going to have accidents. It’s a simple fact that all pet owners have come to accept in exchange for the unconditional love of their fur babies. But, what do you do when your pet urinates on your solid hardwood floors?

Remove Pet Accidents Quickly

Timeliness is key when dealing with pet accidents on your hardwood floors. As soon as you spot urine on your solid hardwood floor, you need to take action beginning with soaking up the liquid with paper towels or cloths.

Unfortunately, accidents aren’t always spotted as they happen. Pet urine is a tricky substance to remove when it’s left to sit on the hardwood for an extended period. Urine is acidic and contains insoluble salt crystals, one of the main compounds that lead to stubborn stains. The salt crystals in the urine bind themselves to the floor’s surface, and even after the initial stain is removed, the odor and remnants of the stain can re-appear.

Pet Urine Cleaning Methods

After blotting the liquid off the floor and drying the surface, follow up with a hardwood floor cleaner like Bona or vinegar and water mix to clean the floor and neutralize any odors. If odors persist, you may need to do multiple applications and cleanings. Some cleaning hacks suggest sprinkling the area with baking soda and letting it sit overnight to soak up smells and then vacuuming or sweeping it up in the morning.

Flowers Flooring recommends Bona’s Pet System Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. It is specially formulated as a pet spot treatment to eliminate pet messes, soils, and odors actively and safely from hardwood floors. There is one for cats that has enzymes to eliminate cat urine and another product for dogs that has oxygen for a deep clean.

If your hardwoods have been damaged multiple times by pet urine and have visible stains and odors, you should consider refinishing them and restoring them to their original beautiful condition. This is especially important if the top protective layer of poly has worn off, leaving your floors susceptible to even more damage.

Be Proactive. Be Preventative.

The very best strategy to protect your hardwood floors from pet damage is to be proactive and preventative. Obviously, accidents are going to happen. Just be prepared when they do by having a chosen product on hand for immediate action. Prevention starts with good training and, for dogs, frequent potty breaks outside.

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