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The general feeling lately is anything but traditional when it comes to interior design. The trends for flooring have such a wide range, from fumed wood, blanched flooring to geometric tile, or graphic vinyl. The bottom line is creating visually interesting and exciting spaces. Designers are using mixed materials, combining patterns, colors, and textures, in new ways and the only rule is, there are no rules! You can even have flooring on the ceiling! Yes. On the ceiling.

This creative trend has been around for a few years, but the emphasis on uniqueness has pushed this trend to the forefront.


Make a Statement with Flooring on the Ceiling

Say goodbye to boring white ceilings! Or even simple painted ceilings. This year we are all about making a statement in your design.


Up first, patterned ceilings. Whether you opt for a patterned peel and stick vinyl or an upscale mosaic tile design, this is one way to make a huge statement in even the most basic places–from hallways to half baths, butler’s pantries, and more.


Next, and probably the most popular trend for this year, is wooden finish ceilings–in all colors and finishes. Using a wooden ceiling finish can add warmth and character to a space. From tongue-and-groove hardwood to exposed natural-wood beams, the variations are plenty.


This type of flooring on ceilings works in any and every space imagined. It is particularly striking with a contrasting wood floor (on the actual floor) with white paint or bold paint choices. This offers a creative twist and a visual statement that lends well to various styles.


Installing a Floor on the Ceiling

Achieving wood flooring on your ceiling may sound daunting, but really, you’d approach this the same way you’d apply the flooring to a sub-floor…only upside down. If Michelangelo can do it, we have faith that you can too! Here are some pointers to get you started.

Vinyl has been a good choice for a wooden finish. Although synthetic, it looks almost identical to natural wood, and vinyl is often used not only on floors but also on walls, so why not on the ceiling too? Vinyl flooring can look great on a ceiling, especially if done correctly. Some people use it as a feature on a tray ceiling, some use it on a coffered ceiling, and some use it on conventional flat ceilings; whichever look you’re going for, this material can be a great choice.

Another option for a ceiling is a laminate plank. This can give the natural wood appearance and is a very affordable option.

Of course, tongue and groove hardwood is also a popular choice, though a bit more time-consuming. Follow this how-to guide for tips and tricks to achieve this look.

Dancing on the Ceiling

This trend is sure to have you paying homage to Lionel Richie and dancing on the ceiling in no time. But before you do, you must choose your material, color, style, and design of flooring. There is no better place to start than Flowers Flooring. Flowers carries a wide range of hardwood flooring materials, vinyl, tile, and laminate flooring–perfect for floor or ceiling…or both! Let us help you make your vision become a reality, contact us to schedule your free consultation.


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