5 Fall Flooring Trends for Every Style and Budget

Fall brings with it plenty of trends such as pumpkin spice, warmer color palettes, and new décor. Your home’s floors are not immune to fall’s influence. As we head into the autumn months, there are some trends in flooring to note. If you are looking to have new floors installed in your home before the holidays, find the perfect style floor with these five five fall flooring trends that are still classics that won’t go out of style and won’t break the budget.

Wide Planks

Flooring companies like Shaw and Mohawk have released hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl plank flooring lines with beautiful wide planks. Standard widths for solid surface flooring range from 2 ½ inches wide to 4 inches while larger than a 6-inch width qualifies as a wide plank. This fall, these wide-width floors are in high demand. In the past, wider planks were, and can still be, more expensive than thinner width, traditional hardwoods. However, with engineered hardwoods, vinyl, and laminate options, it has become more affordable for homeowners.

Wide planks give a high-end look to your home that can be full of historic charm or modern elegance. The wider widths also make a room look larger and more open since there are fewer joints between boards to break up the space.

Vintage Tile

Anything vintage and rustic continues to be a style trend this fall, and that includes tile. The term “vintage” has a wide range of meanings, and that applies to tile as well. Vintage tile includes tile that is distressed to look old or is decade inspired – think the 1920s, 60s, or 80s era style. You can buy tiles that look discolored, faded, or stained, giving the appearance that it is very old versus just purchased from the tile store.

Vintage patterns and colors are trending, too. While a few years ago, homeowners were furiously ripping out Pepto Bismol pink and mint green tile, now it is making a comeback and we’re seeing fresh new takes on these vintage classic colors.

Lighter Colored Floors

For fall, we continue to see floor colors lightening up. Honestly, lighter shades of flooring never really went out of style. Some tones become more popular than others as time goes by, but any hardwood or hardwood looking floor in any color will always be on trend.

There are a couple of reasons why lighter shades are becoming more popular once again. First, they provide a neutral foundation for a room. You can keep it light with matching neutral furniture in whites, creams, and beiges, or go for contrasting dark blues, grays, or black. Even pops of bright colors in primary or pastels look great.

Second, the lighter color, like wide planks, makes a room look larger and spacious. Dark colors, in contrast, add warmth but shrink a room visually.

Hardwood Plank Patterns

One of the fall trends that we really love is that intricate designs and patterns are making a comeback on floors. People tend to think more about patterns when it comes to tile than with hardwoods. However, many of the same patterns can be created using planks. Some of the pattern options include:

  • Herringbone
  • Chevron
  • Parquet
  • Basketweave
  • Diagonal

It’s not strictly a solid hardwood trend either. The look can be created with any type of plank flooring, from luxury vinyl to laminate.

Gray Hardwood

Gray is certainly the new tan and it’s here to stay. The color gray is making its mark on furniture, bedding, wall coverings and now flooring. Gray is a flexible, neutral color that can go in any room of your home. And while you can purchase gray engineered hardwood, you can also refinish your existing solid hardwood in the perfect shade of gray for your home.

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