Floor Prep – Why it is the Most Critical Step in Flooring Installation

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Floor prep is the process of preparing the existing floor to receive new flooring and ensuring that your new floor will look great, lay flat, stay bonded and not fail. Most people don’t know that floor prep is the most critical step for the installation of any new flooring. Without the right floor surface preparation, problems can arise once your new floor has been installed. Examples of these issues include uneven floors, peeling floors, cracked tiles, bubbling floors and more. Floor prep includes removal of the existing floor. In few cases, new flooring can be installed over your existing floors.

Proper floor surface preparation means every surface needs to be:

1. Clean
2. Level
3. Free of existing adhesives
4. Measured for moisture tolerances

Let’s dive deeper into the steps involved in floor prep.

Step 1 – Assessing the Job Site

  • Once you have selected your new flooring be sure to have a qualified flooring estimator look at the job site conditions to be sure your selection will be a good choice for your specific flooring needs. Flowers Flooring conducts free in-home estimates and even brings flooring samples to your door. Once your area is laser measured the estimator will provide a detailed estimate that will include the exact cost of your project including labor and materials. All Flowers Flooring estimators are trained to work with customers to determine their specific flooring needs, address any flooring questions and ensure a smooth and seamless buying and installation process.

Step 2 – Removal of Existing Flooring

  • When a Flowers Flooring estimator conducts a flooring estimate, there is usually carpet or flooring already installed. Without fully removing the existing flooring it is virtually impossible to know what lies beneath that may cause issues after the installation of new flooring. Unlike many flooring contractors, Flowers Flooring installation crews are trained and equipped to handle most subfloor repairs when one is encountered on a job site. Possible subfloor repairs can include but are not limited to water damage, leveling issues, damaged plywood, pet issues, moisture issues, and removal of nails, staples, and adhesives.

Floor Prep Installation Tips

Below are a few tips Flowers Flooring recommends to help make your new floor installation process as smooth and pain free as possible.

  • Remove furniture from the room prior to the arrival of your installation crew. Flowers Flooring provides this service; however, we do ask that homeowners empty or clear the furniture.
  • Remove any items that are hanging on the walls. These items could fall because of vibrations from the work taking place in that area.
  • Empty closets where new flooring is going to be installed.
  • Know that each flooring project is unique and anticipate possible additional floor prep once the existing flooring has been removed.

How to Clean and Maintain your New Floor

Prior to the completion of your new floor installation, Flowers Flooring also recommends checking with your flooring specialist regarding how to clean and maintain your new floor. Click here to view past Flowers Flooring blog posts on cleaning and floor maintenance tips.

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