Hardwood Flooring

Learn what to expect before, during & after installation.

Hardwood Installation - What To Expect

Getting Ready for Your Hardwood Installation

Preparation is the best way to ensure a smooth and successful hardwood flooring installation. Of course, you’ll want to consult with your Flowers Flooring specialist for complete instructions. In the meantime, however, there are a few things you’ll want to plan for in advance.

Hardwood flooring requires a flat, clean surface for proper installation. To get the area ready, you might need to remove your existing flooring. This process will be different for different types of existing flooring and there may be extra work involved if your previous flooring is glued down or set in tile adhesive. Calling in a pro for this work is a good idea, since a professional hardwood specialist will have all the necessary tools and knowledge to do the job right and decide when the flooring surface is ready. Our pros will assist with the disposal of your old flooring. 

We will move all the furniture out of the rooms where your new hardwood flooring will be installed, and back when we're done. Our specialists are prepared heavy items or items requiring special care. We'll also replace shoe molding, and we have the ability to add baseboard replacement onto your project as a specialty service. This can all be discussed with your estimate technician during the project planning phase.

During & After Your Hardwood Installation

The method used to install your new flooring is determined in part by the width, thickness, and construction of the flooring you’ve chosen and where you want it installed. For solid hardwood flooring installation, methods can include stapling, nailing, or gluing. Solid hardwood flooring does not respond well to changes in temperature and humidity, so they are not recommended for applications below the grade line of your property. For a hardwood flooring project in your basement, bathroom, or kitchen, engineered hardwood may be a better choice because it has no issues with seasonal changes in climate.

On the day of the actual installation, an adult member of your household (age 18 or older) should greet your installer and show them to the work area. Be sure to get a walkthrough of the job from the lead installer to give you a clear idea of what the work involved and ask them any questions you have about the job. To ensure everyone’s safety and to help the job go smoothly, keep children and pets away from the work area for the duration of the job. 


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