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About Sports & Rubber Flooring

Sports and Rubber Flooring from Flowers Flooring is the ideal flooring option for commercial and home gyms. It is extremely durable, absorbs sound and improves the efficiency and comfort of your gym environment. Rubber flooring shields the floor from damage and protects machines and exercise equipment from vibration and carpet fibers, which can build up within equipment’s moving mechanisms.


Flooring for Active Lives

Rubber Flooring is an ideal floor for home gyms, gymnasiums and local recreation centers. If you walk into just about any gym or fitness studio, you'll find a soft sports floor underfoot - rubber flooring.

There are many choices when it comes to updating a gym floor. Those options include a hard surface, commercial carpet but the best option is a rubber floor as it lends itself to just about any workout. It is also the most likely to protect your subfloor from the impact of heavy weights, jumping, sweat and other activity.

Rubber gym flooring in several options depending on your location including tiles, rolls, and mats. Each option has a wide range of thickness options to suit your needs.

Enhance your space today and increase your home or workout facility appeal with a new sports floor from Flowers Flooring. Choose from a wide selection of options, variety of colors and color fleck options.


Sports and Rubber Flooring Resources

Whether you’re still considering sports and rubber flooring, or you just made a purchase, you can take advantage of the resources & guides we’ve compiled about rubber flooring.

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