Tile Styles

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Different types of tile

Tile comes in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, and each type of tile has its own unique properties that make it better-suited for some applications over others. Learn more about the different types of tile below!

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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is made of red or white clay with a decorative glaze applied to the surface and baked in a kiln at extremely high temperatures to fuse the glaze to the body. 

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Unglazed Porcelain Tile

This tile does not contain a layer of glaze. Instead, the entire tile is composed of natural clay, allowing the color to run all the way through the tile. This is also known as full-bodied tile. 

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Encaustic Tile

Encaustic tile is made using colored clay that runs through the entire body. Up to six different colors can be used to form a pattern in the tile. This type of tile is making a big comeback and add lots of character to any room in the home.

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Cement Tile

Cement tile is pressed and left to cure. It is not fired in a kiln like other types of tile. 

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Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has a water absorption rate of 0.5%, which makes it virtually waterproof. Porcelain tile is made using finer clay that is fired at higher temperatures, making it incredibly dense and hard. 

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Mosaic Tile

First used ages ago by the Greeks and Romans, mosaic tile is still incredibly popular today for its intricate appeal. Mosaics consist of small pieces of tile arranged on a 12-inch by 12-inch sheet, giving the impression of thousands of tiny tiles.

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Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone can be marble, slate, travertine, quartz, and more. Each has different qualities. Some types of stone are more porous, some stain easily, and others are extremely hard, so research is important!

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Glazed Porcelain Tile

This type of tile has grown in popularity over the past few years, making it one of the most popular types of tile worldwide. Like ceramic tile, glazed porcelain consists of a porcelain body with a layer of glaze pattern applied to the surface. 


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