Four Reasons to Hire Flooring Installation Experts

The answer to the question, when should you hire a flooring installation expert to install your new flooring, is ALWAYS, of course. Kidding aside, there are some situations where a professional is a better choice. Hiring a professional contractor saves you time, stress, and in some cases, money.

DIY shows on television condense home improvement projects into tidy 30-minute segments. They don’t show the waste from mistakes, the hiccups along the way, and the fact that it took weeks or months to complete the project. Here are four reasons you should hire a professional contractor to install your new floors:

Faster Project Timeline

A frequent comment we get from happy customers is they are surprised at how quickly our install team completes a project – that and how clean they left it! One of the reasons professional floor installers can complete a project so quickly is that they do this for a living. Years of experience prepare them for every scenario one could encounter during a flooring renovation.

Professionals have all the tools and materials prepped and ready before they show up at your home. There’s no stopping to take a trip to the home improvement store for more materials or watching YouTube videos for how-to instructions; no full-time job, family obligations, or life to get in the way, which happens when you do it yourself.

It’s hard work putting in a solid eight hours installing floors all day. Seasoned pros are acclimated to the physical exertion it takes. They also know how to work efficiently with a team. DIYers typically have a team of one and have to figure out how to do it all themselves. Hiring a company to install your floors will ensure your project is done quickly. They want to get in and out of your home while causing as little disruption and inconvenience as possible. You can have brand new floors in days instead of weeks.

Eliminate Waste from Mistakes

Have you ever experienced the frustration of making a mistake during a home improvement project? It is brutal, and when it comes to installing floors, mistakes can be costly. For hardwood floors, cutting the boards to the wrong length or cutting the board incorrectly to fit around an obstacle creates waste. If you are laying wall-to-wall carpet, making a wrong cut could ruin the entire room.

If it is a tile floor, the possibility of waste goes up due to all the extra materials needed for installation like mortar and grout. Plus, if tiles are installed incorrectly, the tile themselves and/or the grout will crack. Hiring a flooring company to install your carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl or laminate flooring eliminates the inevitable installation errors that can be costly.

Better Prices on Materials

Flooring companies get wholesale prices on flooring installation materials. That price saving is passed on to the customer. It is possible to get higher quality flooring for the same price you get bargain basement quality flooring from big box stores. Plus, some companies include the materials like nails, glue, mortar, etc. in the installation price, which ends up saving you money.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you make a mistake installing your floors, you have to pay for it. If you hire a flooring contractor to install floors, and they make a mistake, guess what? They pay for it. Quality flooring pros will guarantee their work and won’t complete the project until the customer is completely satisfied with the results. There are many areas where an imperfect home improvement project is not a big deal, and most homeowners can live with a flaw or two. Not so much with flooring, however.

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