Guide to Choosing Grout Colors

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Tile and grout. You can’t have one without the other. Not to stress you out, but the grout color is nearly as important as the tile used for your flooring, backsplash, or bathroom project. Grout can dramatically change the aesthetic and appearance of tiles. Choosing a grout color is a big decision because it’s nearly impossible to change once installed. While that may seem dramatic, it’s meant to give you pause and take time to consider your choice of grout color.

Grout Color Options

One of the most popular grout brand on the market is MAPEI and as you’ll notice from the color chart there are many shades and color variations. Be prepared to work in nuance. You can simply choose white grout or go with shades of white like ivory, frost, avalanche, biscuit, etc. Your color options are determined by the options produced by the manufacturer and vary by grout brand.

While traditional grout has always played in the neutral zone as far as color, a new wave of bold style innovators have started incorporating bright grout colors like blue, green and red. The results are stunning and really highlight the tile shape. If you have the gumption and panache to pull it off, we say go for it!

Grout Color Samples

Online and printed color charts can only get you so far in choosing a grout color. Online is especially hard with the variations in computer screen renderings. The best option is to consult with the tile store where you order your tile. Ask to see the grout color samples and put them alongside your tile sample for the best visual.

Grout Style

There are a couple of ways to approach choosing a grout color. You can go with a contrasting grout color. An example of this would be white subway tile with black or dark gray grout. The high contrast emphasizes the grout shape making it more visible to the eye.

Or you can go in the complete opposite direction by choosing a complimentary neutral color. This involves choosing a grout color that is as close to the tile color as possible or pulling from one of the colors that is on the tile. This results in a muted effect of the tile. With diminished contrast, the wall or floor becomes a more unified pattern to the eye.

There is always the traditional go-to white grout. White grout looks good with every tile color. You can’t go wrong with white with nearly every tile.

Choose Grout Carefully

No matter what type, design, or color tile you use, you’ll need to pick a grout color to coordinate with for your bathroom, kitchen, floor, patio or entryway tile project. Take advantage of samples provided by your tile source and choose wisely.

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