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For reasons we cannot fathom, there was a dark time in our history when it was in fashion to cover hardwood floors with wall-to-wall carpet or linoleum. Luckily, a new generation of homebuyers has demanded the beauty of hardwood floors once again. The feature has become a significant selling point for homes.


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Hardwood floors are durable, can withstand heavy foot traffic, and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. While hardwood floors are prone to a certain level of longevity, homeowners and homebuyers may find that they do indeed succumb to wear and tear over time. The good news is hardwood floors that need some TLC can get a chance at a second life.

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The question is, who will be giving them that second chance? Do you take on a DIY project or call upon experts? Ambitious DIY homeowners must be aware that the task of refinishing hardwood floors is time-consuming, messy, and challenging.


Here are a couple things the pros do to refinish hardwood floors that homeowners should consider when deciding on DIY or hiring a professional.

Step 1: Prep and Sanding

Proper preparation for refinishing hardwood floors is an essential first step. The room should be emptied of all furniture and decor. Typically, professionals will remove all doors to the room, pull up base molding, tape over outlets, close off the room with plastic sheets, and vacuum the floor before sanding.


Contractors have professional refinishing tools at their disposal that result in an even, smooth removal of the old stain in preparation for the new stain. Flowers Flooring uses a special “dustless” sanding system that minimizes (but does not 100% eliminate) dust from the sanding process. Other flooring professionals use a drum type sander. While these sanders can be rented, they are tricky to maneuver and handle for someone who has never used one.


Once the sanding is finished, the floors are thoroughly cleaned in preparation for staining. If the dust isn’t removed completely, it becomes embedded in the finish as it dries.

Step 2: Staining and Polyurethane

Wood stains enhance the natural color of the floor while adding color and depth. The stain color is important because it sets the tone for the entire space. Consult a flooring expert to achieve the look you desire for your refinished hardwood floors. Check out the DuraSeal color chart on the Flowers Flooring website for stain colors. Keep in mind a professional can also mix colors to get the exact color of your dreams. The stain is often applied in two coats. Once dry, a few coats of polyurethane (water or oil based) are applied to seal the finish.


Handling polyurethane takes some extra safety precautions due to its high chemical content during the finishing process. Experts who handle it regularly will know the safest and best way to apply the poly finish.


When the stain and coats of poly are fully dry, homeowners can begin to move furniture back to occupy the living space again. One mistake DIYers make when refinishing hardwood floors is rushing this process, which results in a damaged finish.


If you aren’t experienced in refinishing floors, hiring a pro like Flowers Flooring is your best chance to restore the beauty and life of your hardwood floors.


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