How to Choose the Best Flooring Options for Your Home Remodel

Best Flooring Options for Your Home Remodel | Flowers Flooring

There are many reasons to consider making updates to your home, a fresh coat of paint, and new furniture are great ways to elevate a space, but to increase the resale value of your home, they aren’t enough. A total home makeover starts with the floors. The floor is the largest and most used surface of your home, so choosing the right flooring solution is one of the most important decisions when completing a home renovation. The flooring lays the entire foundation for the design and functionality of your space and is a critical part of your remodel. Because flooring can be a major investment, it is important to weigh the options carefully to determine the best flooring option for your remodel. When done correctly, renovating your flooring adds market value to your home and can have a large return on investment. This guide from Flowers Flooring describes several factors to consider when choosing your flooring and explores several popular options.


Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best Flooring Option

Choosing flooring is more complex than finding just the best-looking solution. There are several other important factors to take into consideration before making your selection. Durability, location, square footage, purpose, and cost are all factors that will determine the best flooring solution for your project. Ask yourself these questions to determine what type of flooring may be best for you:


Know your style. What colors and patterns do you like? What will complement the current decor?


Consider your lifestyle. Do you have children or pets? Durability and stain resistance will be a must. Will this space be used for working out, or recreational activities?


Location. Will this flooring need to be moisture resistant? Will you be standing for long periods of time on this floor?


Budget. Factors such as square footage and cost per square foot may also come into play as you narrow down your options. Flowers Flooring suggests working with a reputable flooring company that will help you stick to your budget. At Flowers Flooring, our trained sales associates always inquire about budget to make suggestions about flooring options that not only meet your needs, but also stick within your budget. Flowers Flooring also has same-as-cash financing options available. This allows customers to pay off their new floor over time.



Types of Flooring Options



Solid wood flooring looks great in any home. This classic choice complements an array of decor and is a long-lasting investment. Hardwood is easy to clean and is proven to increase the resale value of your home. However, hardwood can be vulnerable to dents, scratches, and shrinkage and warping due to moisture. The best feature of solid hardwood flooring is that it can be sanded and finished over time to make a scratched, dull floor look new again.

Shaw Floors – Addison Maple II – Color Cocoa



Wall-to-wall carpet is a favorite for living rooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. It is often chosen because it is warm and soft underfoot. Carpet is quiet and slip resistant and its availability in many styles, textures, patterns, and color. It also lends well to a variety of different decor. For areas with less traffic and dirt, such as bedrooms, carpet is a good choice and is less expensive than hardwood or other flooring options.

Shaw Floors – Devon Classic – Color Granite


Engineered Wood

Looks just like natural solid wood but is made a different way by applying a thin veneer of natural wood on top of less expensive plywood underneath. While engineered wood has its advantages of fitting in seamlessly with most decor and styles, it can also be vulnerable to scratches and dents, and is less durable over time than solid wood flooring. Engineered wood is an ideal choice if you want the look of hardwood on a budget or in a space that is sensitive to temperature and humidity.



The advantage of laminate is the sky’s the limit when it comes to style. Laminate can look like wood, tile, stone, and just about any other material. They mimic the look of expensive flooring materials for way less money and offer higher durability. Laminate is easy to clean and maintain and works well in most areas from kitchens and bathrooms to living spaces and even bedrooms.

Shaw Floors – Riverview Hickory – Color Barrington



Vinyl is a flexible material that feels softer underfoot than wood, laminate, or tile. Ideal for heavy foot traffic, vinyl is a tough, water resistant and now waterproof, long-lasting flooring option that is best suited for areas that are heavily used or susceptible to moisture. Because it does provide cushion, it is great for spaces where you may be standing for long periods of time, such as a kitchen or basement.

Shaw Floors – CoreTec One Alice Springs Acacia – Color Adelaide Walnut



The possibilities for tile design and style are endless. Tile is available in a variety of different colors, patterns, shapes, and types. Choose from ceramic, porcelain, terracotta, or quarry tile to fit any style and space. Tile is water resistant and easy to clean and is often found in bathrooms, kitchens, showers, and backsplash. This flooring requires very little maintenance and is resilient to dents, scratches, and daily wear. The drawbacks to tile are that it feels cold and hard underfoot, can be very slippery, and noisy.


Shaw Floors – Admiral Basketweave– Color Harbor



Sports Rubber Flooring


Rubber flooring is the number one choice for home gyms. Rubber flooring is available for installation in a selection of styles, colors, sizes, and thicknesses. Different options include interlocking tiles, rubber mats, and rubber floor rolls. Rubber provides excellent shock absorption reducing the impact on your joints and protecting your subfloor, it has excellent traction and is a non-slip surface even when damp from a high intensity sweat session. It’s also water resistant, stain resistant, odor resistant, antimicrobial, and reduces noise.


Fishman Sports Floor – Red Multifunctional Flooring




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