How to Clean Grout the Easy Way

Clean Grout the Easy Way | Flowers Flooring

The title of this blog is very misleading, and we apologize in advance for drawing you in with the very promising phrase, “the easy way.” The hard truth that we must share is this: there is no easy way to clean grout. Every way requires a certain level of elbow grease and tenacity. Unless you outsource the problem—which is not an entirely terrible idea if it’s grotesquely stained and gross—plan on doing a lot of scrubbing.

Grout is prone to staining and discoloration. In the bathroom, you deal with mold and mildew while in the kitchen, spills are the enemy to clean grout. Dirty grout is inevitable, so grab a stiff bristled brush and read on about ways to combat the dirt that gathers in the grout lines between your tiles.


Tile and Grout Cleaning Products

There are a bevy of products dedicated to cleaning grout available at nearly every home improvement, hardware, or grocery store. This Old House researched and compiled a list of the top grout cleaners that is very helpful resource when deciding which product to purchase. Also, plan on getting that stiff bristled grout brush we mentioned earlier. You are going to need it for the stubborn spots.


Homemade Grout Cleaning Solutions

Some cleaning aficionados swear by the tried-and-true home remedies for cleaning grout and don’t deem it necessary to purchase a grout specific cleaner. Rather, you can concoct a solution of common household ingredients for routine maintenance and keeping the dirt at bay.


  • Vinegar – What doesn’t vinegar clean? Mix a 1:1 ratio of vinegar with water to spray on your grout lines and let sit for five minutes. Then, grab your trusty brush and, you guessed it, start scrubbing.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Combine ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, ½ cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of dish soap into a paste. Then, spread over the grout. Let it soak for 10 minutes, scrub, and rinse clean.


Tile Grout Colorant and Sealer

Sometimes elbow grease and a grout brush are just not enough. There is a very cool process we offer as a service at Flowers Flooring that will rejuvenate your old tile and transform your grout lines to look brand spanking new. Tile grout colorant and sealant is a fairly quick process that penetrates the grout to provide long lasting color and protection from stains and mold.


Steam Cleaning Grout

A very effective method for cleaning grout is using a steam cleaner. There are many affordable options on the market that make the process a little easier and the pressure of the hot steam does most of the work for you. Did you happen to see the viral Tik Tok video of a woman steam cleaning grout with an Amazon steam cleaner? It’s so oddly satisfying and mesmerizing to watch.


Whatever your preferred method, keeping your tile grout in pristine condition takes work and if you are in need professional help, contact us for a free estimate.


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