Laminate or Hardwood – Which is the Right Choice for You?

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Selecting between laminate or hardwood flooring for your home is a matter of personal tastes, budgetary restraints, and lifestyle needs. Both types give you a solid surface floor that has a classic wood grain finish, and both will look beautiful in your home. If you are ripping out old flooring or carpet, a new floor, no matter the material, will be an improvement. There are some significant differences between laminate and hardwood flooring, though. These differences may help you decide which floor is best for your home.

Price of Laminate vs. Hardwood

Overall, solid hardwood flooring is a more considerable investment than laminate. Laminate flooring is generally less expensive due to the way it’s manufactured. It is comprised of layers of fiberboard and wood products fabricated together into planks. The top, visible layer is printed with a design that simulates the look of natural hardwoods. They are generally much thinner than hardwood planks as well. Since hardwoods are pure wood throughout the entire board, it is more expensive. The price can vary widely for hardwoods depending on the species of wood used.

Look of Laminate vs. Hardwood

Floor manufacturers like Mohawk have perfected the art of making laminate look as real as wood. It is nearly indistinguishable from wood in appearance. Not only that but there are laminate products that are waterproof and scratchproof, making them more durable and more pet and family-friendly than hardwoods.

Solid hardwood floors are the most traditional type of flooring, but with flooring companies releasing new and improved products, the two are getting closer in look and feel, and many more people are choosing laminate than in the past.

Longevity of Laminate vs. Hardwood

The longevity of flooring is another factor to consider when deciding between laminate and hardwood flooring. Both types of flooring can last for decades if they are cared for properly. However, laminate flooring is not as long-lasting and needs to be replaced more often than hardwood.

Installation of Laminate vs. Hardwood

When it comes to the installation of flooring, it’s wise to start working early with a flooring expert. A Flowers Flooring expert will come into your home for free to advise you on your best flooring options. If your home is built on a slab and you want hardwood put on the ground level, you will need to build up your subfloor, which adds additional cost to your installation fee. However, laminate can be installed on top of the concrete slab. Generally, hardwoods are nailed down for installation while laminate is either glued down or floated over the subfloor.

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