Mosaic Tile Trends to Watch

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Designers and homeowners agree that we can’t get enough mosaic tile trends. Whether you’re building from scratch, gutting and remodeling, or need a little inspired design refresh, implementing mosaic tile is a popular choice. Tile is available in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors. With its unique features and durability, it is the perfect addition to bathroom shower surrounds, flooring, or kitchen backsplash designs.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are trendy. Originating from Ancient Greece, mosaic tile is just as popular in modern-day decor. These tiny tiles have always been a hit for two main reasons:


  1. Highlight/feature-with their small size and colorations; you’re able to create works of art that are permanently on your walls. Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or other space, these tiles can be combined with larger tiles for a mix and match approach that truly creates one-of-a-kind designs.


  1. Suit a variety of styles- since you can create your designs with mosaic tiles, you can get the exact type and look you want with different sizes and shapes to allow for creative freedom with no ceiling.


Properties of Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are small tiles attached to single 12-by-12 sheets. Materials can vary, as can the cost. Using mosaic tile sheets is an affordable way to create specific patterns for a unique and classic looking backsplash. This classic tile style is popular in all types of kitchen designs, as it can lend a significant amount of visual diversity, color, and appeal to any space.

Modern mosaic tile is produced in a range of materials from porcelain, wood, glass, and ceramic. Mosaic tiles bring an element of interest to a project or space with their intricate patterns and shapes and interesting colors, textures, and patterns.

The possibilities with mosaic tiles are endless.

The disadvantages of mosaic tile are that it is harder to clean, can be expensive, doesn’t offer as many variations as other materials, and is not water or stain resistant.

Trends in Tile

While tile has been a popular design choice for literally centuries, some game-changing trends are emerging that are sure to turn heads.

Popular Tile Colors

While crisp, clean white and ivory tile–especially the subway tile look– is still very much a popular choice, and we are here for it, if white has you yawning, this year is bringing a wave of jewel-toned tile styles that are sure to catch your eye and start a conversation. Teals, mustard yellows, and deep rust colors are taking over. A burst of teal around the fireplace or surrounding the tub instantly brings vibrancy to the room and creates a focal point.

Popular Tile Shapes

While most tile is typically stacked in a linear and uniform pattern, mosaic allows for a more playful trend that is taking design by storm in 2022. Exploring different mixes of tile shapes and sizes in various arrangements is an exciting approach to tiling your bathroom floor, laundry room, kitchen backsplash, and more. The combinations are limitless, from hexagons on the back wall of a shower and the tile on an adjacent wall in a chevron pattern. Another fresh choice could include rectangular slates on the floor and circular penny tiles around a sink.

Popular Tile Textures

Some popular textures of tile, whether mosaic or otherwise, include:

  • Metallic
  • Glass mirror
  • Rustic mosaic
  • Pebble-look
  • Marble-look
  • Wood-look

The best part of tile trends this year is the ability to mix and match colors, shapes, patterns, and textures for truly unique and stunning designs. For example, an earthy terracotta tile (try square or hexagonal) will look lovely on the floor but will pop even more with an emerald or turquoise tile above it on the walls.

Shop Mosaic Tile

Creating your perfect tile look starts with a consultation with a design specialist and flooring/tile expert. Our team of professionals can help you bring your unique vision to life. Flowers Flooring has a variety of tile products ranging from material, styles, colors, and brands to build your ideal tile design.

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