New Flooring – A Simple Way to Make a Dramatic Difference

Let your home décor tell a story—revamp your floors and reinvent the atmosphere of any room in your house with new flooring. From luxurious laminate to vibrant, soft carpeting, from gorgeously polished hardwood floors to sleek, modern tile designs that are sure to catch any eye – there’s no limit when it comes to finding something that perfectly suits your style. Flooring can really bring together a room and make it feel complete, cozy, and inviting – whether you’re looking for something subtle or grandiose – making the right floor changes can give a long-lasting, noticeable change that you and everyone else will love. Get creative, explore what’s available, and let the newly laid surfaces do the talking.
Tile is an incredibly versatile and long-lasting flooring option; tile made from ceramic is the most durable of all tile materials. Whether you choose tile or natural stone, installation is key to ensure that your floor will last a lifetime. With tile and stone, you can experience exceptional quality combined with character and tremendous style options since they come in so many different types, colors, patterns, and textures. With tile or stone, you can get the look you desire, along with superior performance that will last for years to come.
Laminate Flooring
Laminate floors have definitely come a long way, with more and more people now understanding laminate as its own unique medium. Its low maintenance and durability are what make laminate so appealing for homeowners since it stands up to everyday wear and tear better than other materials. Installing laminate is easy – no need for sanding or sealing like with traditional hardwood or tile – just choose your laminate of choice from the wide selection of styles available, glue it down, or put down a thin foam pad (which acts as an underlay), and enjoy! Official installers tend to do the job in half the time that traditional setups demand, meaning you can spruce up any room in no time. So if you’re looking to upgrade a room quickly and efficiently, laminate floors might be your best bet!
Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are an excellent choice for any home, being incredibly hard-wearing and impact-resistant. Of the types of hardwood available, oak, maple, and ash are typically the most popular picks – although those willing to invest a little more into their hardwood flooring can opt for walnut, teak or cherry instead. But regardless of budget or choice of hardwood material, hardwood flooring provides great potential for personalization. With pieces that can be arranged into unique patterns to produce eye-catching designs or stains that provide color contrast with your chosen theme, hardwood floors can turn into quite the statement piece in any home. And if that wasn’t enough? Elements like special inlays will elevate this piece even further – truly making it a work of art!
Luxury Vinyl
If you’re looking to update the flooring in your home, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a great option. It’s been growing in popularity as a viable alternative to natural and engineered hardwood floors and offers superior performance while still providing that luxury look. LVT provides all the benefits of a solid surface floor, such as being comfortable underfoot, water resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it’s designed with more permanent use in mind than laminate or tile; this means longer-lasting luxury without sacrificing style. If you want luxury for your home but don’t want to sacrifice practicality, then luxury vinyl tile is a perfect choice for you!
There are literally thousands of carpets to select from, and the choices can be overwhelming. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a carpet solely based on color. Be sure to take into consideration the carpet’s fibers, tufts, and construction, as well as your lifestyle.

Plush or Cut-Pile carpet has loops trimmed off so that the yarn ends poke up. Saxony plush, one of the most popular varieties, has short tufts that are densely packed. Plush carpet does not tend to wear as well in high-traffic areas as Berber carpet. Berber is a high-level loop carpet that creates a nubby texture and has complete yarn loops that stand upright. Berber carpet holds up extremely well in high-traffic areas and is a good choice for families with pets and children.

You will also want to choose the carpet fiber that best fits your needs. Nylon outperforms all other fibers in durability, resilience, and maintenance. It is a good choice if you want your carpet to last a decade or longer, for high-traffic areas and in homes with kids and pets.

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