Office Flooring – The Best Flooring Option for Office Spaces

When you are considering flooring for your office space remodel or new build, it’s worth taking some time to identify which flooring is going to stand the test of time and save you money in the long run. In an office environment with high foot traffic due to people constantly moving and walking around, a floor that can withstand a large amount of wear and tear is essential. The last thing you want to do is install a new floor and have to replace it again in a few years because it didn’t hold up well.

Vinyl Plank Flooring for Your Office Space

One of the best floors for an office is a vinyl plank. It is both durable and has longevity. The list of benefits is long hence its huge surge in popularity in recent years for commercial and residential uses. It’s especially perfect for modern office spaces that want to put in floors that are affordable, functional, and look great, too.

What is Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is a relatively recent flooring option, though the material was first introduced in the 70s. Through innovative new manufacturing processes and technology, it has come a long way from the sheet vinyl popular 50 years ago. It has become an attractive alternative to hardwood flooring both in looks and price. It is made from layers of materials to create a waterproof, scratch-resistant plank that mimics the look and feel of solid hardwood. It’s so popular that it is the number-one selling type of flooring at many flooring stores.

Vinyl Floor Benefits

In an office environment, you need office flooring that can take anything that works life may throw at it, including coffee spills, chairs rolling back and forth, and constant foot traffic. An office is a very busy place, and the floors need to be able to match that level of usage accordingly. Vinyl plank floors are super easy to clean and require only a damp cloth or dry mop for spills and a sweep or vacuum to remove loose dirt and grit that may be brought in by employees’ shoes.

Maintaining vinyl plank floors is much easier than carpet and requires no special cleaning equipment. Vinyl plank floors are extremely durable and are designed to work hard. This means they can take impacts without damage when employees drop things.

Businesses also love vinyl planks for their offices because they are waterproof. This means they can be installed everywhere. Breakrooms, entryways, and even bathrooms. There are some products available that are guaranteed to be one hundred percent waterproof due to the way the planks lock together.

Vinyl Floor Installation

Vinyl floors are easy to quick and easy to install for a flooring crew. They don’t require any special subfloor or underlayment, which also helps keeps costs down. For any business, installation time is critical. You can’t close your doors and shut down your business for a long install. Unlike some other types of flooring, vinyl plank is quick to install. Often, a professional installer can install vinyl plank office flooring in businesses over the weekend, so you’re ready for business as usual on Monday morning. Of course, this always depends on all the variables involved, like the project’s scope.

Vinyl Floor Style

Vinyl plank is designed to meet today’s high business demand for floors. It looks great and works hard. There are some great luxury vinyl planks on the market today that look like wood planks in everything from color to species of wood.

Surface textures often include the look of scraping or embossing, which dramatically heightens the realism. Also, like wood, planks may be installed in many ways – in brick fashion, diagonally, and so on. The possibilities are endless!

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