Product Profile: Anderson Tuftex Carpet

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Product Profile: Anderson Tuftex Carpet


One of the first things a person notices when they enter your home is the flooring. Outdated, worn, dingey flooring can give your space an unwelcoming feeling. Flooring has the power to create ambiance; warm, cozy feelings that make a house feel like home. Choosing your flooring is no small order, so it is critical to choose a material, brand, style, and colors that create the mood you’re looking for.


Anderson Tuftex is a flooring brand made by Shaw Floors that emphasizes craftsmanship and timeless design. Each selection from Anderson Tuftex is carefully designed and crafted with intention, with a focus on creating beautiful floors to meet and exceed customer expectations. The company prioritizes quality, durability, and detail. Flowers Flooring is happy to offer carpet selections from Anderson Tuftex sure to fit any project. Before you buy, learn more about what Anderson Tuftex flooring has to offer.


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Pros of Anderson Tuftex Carpet


Quality and durability– Constructed with tightly woven, durable nylon fibers that have a proven record to withstand high traffic areas.

Warmth and insulation– Tuftex offers the benefit of thermal resistance, which will keep the room at a higher temperature by retaining warm air for an extended time.

Design and detail– Tuftex carpet ensures that no matter what your style, you can reflect it in your living space.

Environmentally-friendly– Manufactured in California and supports workers in United States and US-made products from an environmentally conscious company.

Pet-friendly– High-performing, resists pet hair, fade resistant and color-safe.vacuuming a breeze.



Some of the most important factors a homeowner must consider when choosing new carpeting is the quality and durability, and of course how that measures up to the price. Flooring gets used every day, and it must withstand everything from light wear to even the most substantial foot traffic. Flooring is an investment, so when choosing the brand that best fits your style, needs, and budget it is critical to take durability into mind.


The good news? Anderson Tuftex offers a variety of options available with different quality components to choose the best carpet solution for your needs including pet-friendly options to accommodate your furry family members.



When choosing flooring, color and style play a major factor. You need a carpet to flow with your design and compliment your furniture all while offering the comfort, warmth and insulation carpet can offer. Anderson Tuftex offers thousands of colors and styles and is known for its timeless beauty and design that fit into any decade and eliminates the risk of looking outdated long before its time. With colors and styles ranging from neutrals to fit any space–even if you redecorate– to blues, greens, and pops of vibrant color. With numerous textures and patterns for a hint of interest Anderson Tuftex carpet is truly a custom carpet with so many options and features to choose from to meet your exact needs.



Anderson Tuftex carpet is an affordable high-end, quality product that can offer customizable versatility with its thousands of color and style options. They offer collections ranging from $2-4 per square foot for affordable carpet solutions to a more high-end product that can reach up to $15 per square foot. Basically, they offer options at every price point.



Like other brands of carpet, the best installation option is to hire a professional, like the experts at Flowers Flooring. The investment to have carpet installed professionally and properly is well worth the longevity and quality that you’ll enjoy in the end.


Anderson Tuftex carpet certainly has its benefits and is a great option for detail, style, durability, with the added benefit of being made in the U.S. from an environmentally-friendly company. With so many styles and colors to suit every design, and inexpensive options available to meet a variety of budgets, Tuftex is a great choice of carpet for your home.


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