Product Profile: SmartStrand Carpet from Mohawk

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SmartStrand carpet is the highest performing carpet on the market today. It is manufactured by Mohawk, one of the high-quality brands we carry at Flowers Flooring. When you shop for carpeting with Flowers, you can trust you’re always getting the highest quality brands that outperform their competition second to none.

Inside this product profile we will explore SmartStrand from Mohawk and see why they claim it to be the softest, most durable, CLEANEST carpet, not only on the market, but on the planet!


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Carpet: A Tried and True Tradition

So many of us have fond memories from childhood spread out with our toys across the living room carpet while cartoons roared on in the background. We recall the warmth and comfort of the cushy carpet underfoot, the absence of loud footsteps (absorbed by the carpet fibers), and the cozy feelings of home. But for our mothers, the carpet of our childhood was probably a nightmare to keep looking “company ready”. Fearful of spills and stains, shoes came off at the door, no food or beverages allowed, and the vacuum was always at arm’s reach.


While carpeting has been a staple in flooring choice for homeowners for decades, the advancing technology of carpet manufacturers, like Mohawk, have made the carpeting materials of today far easier to clean and maintain, with more long-lasting durability, resistant to stains and spills, and more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Families can live life at home without worry while still enjoying the soft comfort of plush carpeting all around them.


Carpet Materials

Carpets can be made up of various natural and synthetic fibers. Depending on the type of fibers your carpet is made from, will determine what properties–stain resistant, durability, texture– and to what degree the carpet will possess these properties.


Often, when making the investment in carpet, homeowners want a product that not only meets their style preferences, but that can hold up and outlast the activity from a busy family–kids, spills, pets, and more.



SmartStrand Forever Clean delivers just that–a carpet product that gets its notoriety for being “extraordinarily clean”, exceptionally durable, and environmentally friendly. Let’s take a deeper look:


Extraordinarily Clean

This carpet can stand up against the toughest messes with permanent stain resistance and spill and soil protection that is perfect for busy households, kids, pets, and everyday wear and tear.

Using nanotechnology, an advanced feature that encapsulates the carpet fiber creating a spill and stain barrier on each fiber that won’t wash or wear off. SmartStrand is the only carpet product on the market to offer this technology that literally stops liquid in its tracks before it can penetrate the fiber–making spills and messes incredibly easy to clean.


Exceptionally Durable

SmartStrand stands up to crushing and matting in high foot traffic areas keeping your carpet looking fresh and plush for years to come. SmartStrand uses Triexta fiber which offers excellent built-in durability and stain and soil resistance without sacrificing softness. The z-shaped fiber resists crushing and breakage, keeping your SmartStrand carpet looking stylish and new for many years. The ability of these carpet fibers to spring back into their original form is unlike any other carpet out there.


Stylish, Beautiful, Long-Lasting Carpet

Using ColorMax™ technology, SmartStrand carpet offers beautifully blended colorations specifically formulated and designed to mimic the look of natural materials such as stone and wood–keeping with the ongoing trend of bringing nature indoors and creating an earthy feeling in interior design. What really sets SmartStrand apart from the competition is the saturation and clarity this color technology yields, which offers a brilliant, beautiful looking carpet that will last for years.


Environmentally Friendly

SmartStrand is made in part from annual renewable plant-based ingredients that require less energy to produce with fewer GHS emissions. SmartStrand fiber is OEKO-TEC® certified, free from harmful substances. This makes SmartStrand carpet a smart, safe, and healthy choice for your family and pets. Not only is SmartStrand easily cleaned, resistant to stains and soiling, durable, long-lasting, and stylishly beautiful, but it is also certified environmentally friendly and safe for your home.


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