5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

Have you started to prepare your home for holiday guests? Have you decked the halls and trimmed the tree? If not, we’re here to help. Preparing your home for the holidays takes some forethought and strategizing. The key is doing enough ahead of time so you are set up for a low-stress season where you can enjoy friends and family instead of worrying about your home. Get inspired to have a holly jolly holiday with our five easy tips on preparing your home for the holidays. Even Clark Griswold will approve.

Make a Holiday Checklist

One of the biggest stressors of the season is finding time to get everything done. Enjoying a stress-free holiday is all about planning, and the best way to get organized is to make a checklist for everything you need to do. Check out this holiday checklist and timeline from Real Simple magazine that breaks it all down for you. The holiday season can feel busy and overwhelming, so you should try to tackle one or two tasks a day while making it as fun as possible. Cleaning the house and wrapping gifts shouldn’t have to feel like a chore, and if you have a plan in place, it becomes less burdensome and more joyous.

Trim the Tree and Deck the Halls Early

Nothing says the holidays are here like trimming the Christmas tree and putting up exterior decorations. Traditionally, waiting until after Thanksgiving to get out the tinsel is the unspoken rule. Some families have a tradition of going into holiday mode on Black Friday. Some opt for the first day of December to start.

Like the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day, these old rules are starting to go by the wayside. Consumers have noted Christmas and other holiday decorations appearing in stores as early as September in recent years. Not to mention holiday parties start even before Turkey Day now, so why wait to start on your home? Putting up the tree and garland as early as possible will be a big check off your holiday to-do list.

If you need to put up lights and wreaths outside, the earlier you decorate, the better weather you’ll have which should be motivation enough. Get the outside of your home done, and when you are ready to flip the switch and light it up, it will be ready to go.

Schedule a Deep Clean

Set aside one day to do a deep, thorough clean at the beginning of December to prepare your home for the holidays. We’re talking things like washing the walls and baseboards, cleaning out the oven and the fridge, scrubbing the shower tiles, polishing the hardwoods, and vacuuming under the furniture. If you have the budget for it, schedule a cleaning crew to come in and knock it all out. This way, when guests arrive, all the heavy cleaning is done, and all you have to do is declutter and do some light cleaning to get it back to baseline. Trust us, having a dirty toilet hanging over your head with guests arriving is not what the season is all about.

Stock Up on Snacks for Holiday Guests

When the holidays are here, guests draw near. Prepare for unexpected guests by keeping cheese, crackers, mixed nuts, and apple cider on hand so you can pull together a snack display in no time. Place some fresh white towels in the guest bathroom, and be sure guest bed linens are clean. By taking a few steps to be prepared, you’ll be able to welcome unexpected guests with a smile.

Don’t Forget Flooring in Time for the Holidays

When preparing your home for the holidays, don’t forget your flooring. If you’re considering purchasing new flooring, there is still time before guests arrive to get it installed, especially if you are doing vinyl or carpet, which both have little downtime and can be installed quickly. If it is too late to tackle a whole new floor, give your home a refresh with a new area rug.

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