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There is no doubt about it. Refinishing your hardwoods is far less expensive than replacing them and more affordable than you might think. If your hardwoods are in bad shape and need a little TLC, or if you simply want to change the color with a new stain, refinishing your hardwoods is a great option and WILL save you money. There is no doubt about it. Refinishing your hardwoods is far less expensive than replacing them and more affordable than you might think.
Refinishing Traditional Hardwoods
When it comes to refinishing traditional hardwood floors, it’s a three step process. First, the old finish and any surface damage is sanded and buffed out. This can be the messiest step, but some companies, like Flowers Flooring, have dustless systems that significantly lower the amount of dust from the sanding step. Second, the new wood stain is applied. Finally, a finishing top coat of polyurethane is applied to seal and protect the floors.

Even intricate wood designs like herringbone, parquet, medallions, and inlays can be finished. Wood steps and spindles likewise can be refinished as well.
Refinishing Engineered Hardwoods
If you have engineered hardwood floors, there is a possibility that they can be sanded and stained, but it depends on a couple of factors. How thick the surface wood layer is the most significant variable. Most offer the ability to be refinished three to four times over the life of the floor, which should be more than enough.
The Cost of Refinishing Hardwood Floors
The price for having your hardwoods refinished by a professional is similar to how new flooring is priced, and that is by the square foot. Home Advisor says the cost is usually $3 to $8 per square foot, and the national average for refinishing floors is $1799. Keep in mind that this is average and varies depending on labor, room size, materials, stain, and more.
When to Refinish Hardwood Floors
You might be wondering what the signs that your wood floors are ready to be refinished are. There are a couple of scenarios that warrant the process.

Visible Scratches and Dents
If your hardwood floors look like they have been raked over and have deep scratches, pockmarks, or dents, then it’s time to refinish your floors. Scratches penetrate the protective poly layer over the wood stain and leave the wood susceptible to water damage.

Discolored or Faded Boards
Sunlight and wear tend to fade the color of hardwood floors. If there are boards that have black or gray spots, this means there is damage, and not only do they need to be refinished, but some of the boards probably need to be replaced. Refinishing faced or discolored floors will give them a second life, and they will look brand new.

After Wall to Wall Carpet
A common trait of older homes is beautiful hardwood floors that have been hidden under wall to wall carpet. While a boon if you are one of the homeowners lucky enough to have hardwoods under the carpet, they probably need a little refresh after being kept in the dark for so long and are prime candidates for a sand and refinish.
Hire a Professional
Please take our word for it. Refinishing hardwood floors is a time-consuming, messy, and tedious process. We highly recommend that you don’t try to DIY but instead hire a professional restoration and sand and refinishing company, like Flowers Flooring. Schedule your free in-home estimate today.

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