Selecting the Best Shower Floor

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Like any flooring project, when it comes to selecting a shower floor during a shower renovation, you have tons of flooring materials to select from. You just want to make certain that the shower flooring you select meets the demands of your bathroom, including:


  1. It’s waterproof
  2. It has traction
  3. It looks beautiful


One of the most common flooring options that Flowers Flooring recommends is small tiles or pebbles. This flooring type meets all three-bathroom demands, as smaller tiles and pebbles create more grout lines, which help increase the grip available on the surface and create a non-skid, safe floor. These are the most popular shower flooring options because they are slip resistant and look beautiful in any bathroom. While small glass tiles are also a popular choice for shower floors, glass tends to be a bit slippery when wet.



Best Size Tile for Shower Floor

If you are considering a smooth, non-textured tile such as porcelain, Flowers Flooring always recommends using a small size for the bath. Smaller tiles mean more grout lines and more grip. If you select something with more natural grip, such as travertine stone, you can use any size.


Best Tile for Shower Walls

While shower floors need a non-slip grip, shower walls do not, which means you can use larger tiles to reduce grout lines resulting in easier cleaning and sealing.


Tile Shower Best Practices

Flowers Flooring highly recommends hiring a professional to tackle a shower renovation project. This is always the recommended solution when dealing with wet environments in order to avoid the risk of water damage and potential problems down the line. Here is a list of things a professional brings to the table:


  1. Have a license and insurance, protecting you from mistakes.
  2. Use special waterproof and tile sealers.
  3. Use epoxy and acrylic grouts that stand up to water better than standard grout.
  4. Have the proper training and experience to lay the tile in a fashion that all water drains properly, and none is left standing in the shower.


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