Spring Has Sprung! Cleaning Outdoor Area Rugs

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Spring has arrived! As temperatures get warmer, the trees and flowers begin to bloom, and sunny days replace harsh winter winds, we all look forward to spending more time outdoors. In anxious preparation for outdoor sitting and gathering it is time to shake out the dust left behind by the kiss of winter and ready our outdoor lounge areas for the sweet arrival of spring and summer.

Outdoor Seating Trends Spring 2022


The past few years have made us all appreciate and pay closer attention to creating an outdoor living space that is warm and inviting, chic, and functional. One of the trends we love (of course) is the outdoor area rug. The addition of a decorative area rug with patio furniture or outdoor dining furniture helps to create the inviting space we all crave for our summer barbecues and soirees.


Aren’t Outdoor Rugs Meant to be Dirty?


Of course outdoor area rugs are built to withstand the elements, and are designed and created to be resistant to dirt, dust, and moisture, they are mildew resistant, resists fading, and are easily cleaned day-to-day. However, over time  mud, dirt, and dust collect on our outdoor rugs that can break down the rug and shorten the lifespan of the rug itself.


Whether you roll the rug up and store it for the winter or leave it out all year long to withstand the elements, it is imperative to properly clean and maintain outdoor rugs to preserve them longterm and get the most out of your investment. As spring sweeps in, so too, we must sweep away the winter debris with a good spring cleaning to keep your outdoor rug looking new.


How to Clean Outdoor Area Rugs

How you clean and care for your outdoor rug will depend on what kind of rug you have. Brightly-colored synthetic rugs are made of Olefin, propylene, acrylic and nylon. These varieties have a way of making you think they’re clean when they’re wet, but dirt rises to the surface once they’ve dried. Natural rugs are a strong choice when it comes to texture and durability, but should not be exposed to as much moisture as synthetic rugs.


When cleaning your outdoor rug, start with a good sweep, or shake to remove loose dirt and other debris on the surface. To get deep within the fibers, using a vacuum is also a viable option to take care of hidden dirt built up from the winter months.


Of course, since the rug may have been exposed to moisture, over a period of time there may be mildew or mold hiding within the material of the carpet, more stubborn dirt and stains that need more than just a good sweep. When attacking challenging soiled rugs, there are a few common household items that work well to take care of pesky dirt, mildew, stains, and grime. Dish soap, white vinegar and baking soda are two options that can easily remove stains, although they may not restore your rug to its original look. Club soda is also an option to remove dark colored stains including tomato sauce or red wine, but won’t do much to cut greasy stains and buildup that may occur.


You can use a gentle cleaning solution to address these more challenging stains but it is important to take the correct steps to achieve optimal results.


Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning Outdoor Rugs


  1. Remove loose dirt. Shake all of the debris off of your rug outside.
  2. Prepare your cleaning solution. Mix 2 ounces of a mild cleaning product with 2 cups of water in an empty spray bottle.
  3. Rinse the rug. It’s best to lay the rug on a sloped surface, like outdoor steps, so the excess water can drain away as you’re hosing it down. An even better option would be to rinse the rug while it’s hanging over a patio chair, fence or railing.
  4. Spray and scrub. Lay the rug flat on your patio, deck, or other hard surface and spray your cleaning solution on in small sections. Follow up by gently scrubbing with a scrub brush or deck brush. If you’re spot cleaning, only focus on the affected area.
  5. Let it sit, and rinse section by section. Let the cleaner sit on each section for about 5 minutes, but be sure it doesn’t dry on the surface. Rinse each section after you’ve scrubbed.
  6. Rinse one more time. Rinse the entire rug one more time, either laying flat or hanging.
  7. Dry. If possible, hang dry your rug outside in the sun. Flip it regularly to ensure each side gets completely dry.

Spring Cleaning and Beyond

While spring is the ideal time to give your outdoor furniture and rugs a good scrub in preparation for warmer weather, it is important to spot-clean and care for your outdoor carpets throughout the season and to properly clean and store your rugs in the off season. You can find outdoor flooring solutions in our range of products at Flowers Flooring.

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