Summer Spruce Up: Choosing a Summer Area Rug–Trends for 2022

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If you like to reinvent your living space with the change of the seasons, but don’t want to do a complete overhaul on your furniture and decor (I mean, really, who has the time and money to do a makeover head to toe just for the summer anyway?), then a warm weather area rug is the perfect solution.


Area rugs are limitless decorative pieces and the easiest and most affordable way to breathe fresh life into a space, transforming rooms as effortlessly as the seasons roll in and back out. But consider for a moment functionality. Area rugs are not only used for their aesthetic qualities but they also serve a specific purpose–the warmth and coziness of thick pile area rugs are perfect for fall and winter nights, but do they have a place in the warm summer air?


Adding a summer area rug is the perfect way to brighten up your space for the warmer, sunny months. Choose a rug with a lesser pile height and a fun, bright pattern and colors to add to the summer feel. Unsure of what is best suited for your home? We have compiled this guide to selecting the best summer area rugs for 2022.

Summer Rug Styles

There are countless rug styles for different homes, lighting, designs, and of course, seasons and times of the year. Lately, designers and homeowners alike have traded the traditional Oriental and Persian styles for more modern and contemporary designs. This trend is set to continue well into summer of 2022 and beyond.


Choose modern styles that favor heavy abstract patterns, florals, and bold geometric patterns. And summer certainly is not the time to stick to boring, muted color palettes. Instead, choose rugs that are more brightly colored or simple neutrals that reflect nature.


From coastal inspired rugs, to abstracts and florals, there is a pattern and color to suit every style that can add a punch to your summer decor.


Summer Area Rug Colors

Color is an important aspect of selecting the right area rug for summer. The rug color will set the entire ambiance of your space for the season. When you have neutral colored furniture, you may want to consider a bright floral, or boldly patterned rug to accent your space. Of course, there is the entire opposite end of the spectrum, keeping in line with the trend of bringing the outdoors in, the organic and earthy look of textured neutrals like jute, hemp, and organic cotton. The idea is to choose a rug color that either blends with the existing decor or strongly stands out and makes a statement.


Summer Area Rug Patterns

Pair densely patterned geometric or abstract rugs with subtle, solid wall colors and furniture. On the other hand, solid colored rugs fit beautifully with furniture and accent decor that has a lot of color or various patterns. Soft hues such as lilac, greys, beiges, light blues, and earthy greens are all shades that adapt to the summer style when paired with the right combinations of decor and pattern.


In addition to the pattern or the rug, consider the texture and weave of the rug. A light, low pile height weave, and light, airy texture is better suited for summer styles over dense, tightly woven patterns. Shag rugs are making a statement in summer of 2022, not only are they comfortable and cozy, they offer a sense of luxury in appearance and feel while still offering an element of fun.


In addition to the favored geometrics, abstracts, and florals, stripes are a tried and true pattern. Whether you go for a monochromatic textured option, or a bold color pattern stripes are timeless. Simple, yet stylish striped area rugs in bright colors can mimic the simplicity, carefree, and vibrant nature of a sunny summer day.


Monochromatic, or similar hues within the same pattern or texture is also a favorable summer choice. Hand-knotted textures in off-white, neutral beige and grey, or even popular blue shades are the perfect visual element for summer styles.


Lastly, natural fiber rugs are always a popular choice. Fibers like jute, sisal, and hemp are great additions to both indoor and outdoor spaces to give a beachy, earthy feeling that is perfect for the summer months.


Before you Decide…

Ultimately your choice of area rug for summer 2022 comes down to your aesthetic and personal preferences. When choosing the rug itself, you absolutely want to consider some other factors other than how it looks. For starters, consider who you live with and the way the space is used.


If you’re looking for something for a high-traffic room, suitable for pets and children, then durability, cleanability, and comfort are probably high on the list of requirements. This could add to the overall cost of the rug. Is this a rug you’ll want to use year after year, or simply for a season? If you plan to use it only one time, you may want to consider a less expensive investment.


Consider where you’ll use the rug. Will you be using an area rug inside or outdoors? How much direct sunlight will the rug get? Consider the importance of water-resistance, stain resistance, durability, and maintenance before choosing what area rug is the best choice for you.


When in doubt, the professionals at Flowers Flooring are available to guide you through our extensive selection of indoor or outdoor area rugs for all seasons. Book a free in-home estimate or consult today before summer is here and gone.




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