Taking a Second Look at Laminate Flooring

Laminate is quickly gaining popularity for three key reasons – durability, ease of installation, and it’s reasonable price.


Let’s start by looking at laminate from a durability standpoint. When compared to wood flooring there really is no comparison. In almost every aspect, including scratch resistance, dent resistance, water resistance, and the ability to weather well under the pressure of daily wear and tear, laminate flooring is far superior than its real wood counterparts.

In fact, when it comes to families with small children and households with pets, there isn’t another flooring product in the industry with a better track record than laminate. About the only real threat to laminate flooring is high moisture levels, which can damage the composite core.

If you’re planning on installing laminate in a high moisture area, such as a kitchen or bath, be sure you get a line of laminate that has been approved for such uses. These lines of laminate usually have thicker cores, are treated with extra water repellant chemicals, and contain paraffin wax impregnated joints that keep the risk of moisture damage to a minimum.

Ease of Installation

While durability can be laminate’s most convincing selling point, its ease of installation isn’t too far behind. For starters, laminate flooring is a floating floor system. It simply sits on top of your existing floor with no nailing, screwing, or gluing required. Click together laminate makes it even easier and you no longer have to worry about gluing the separate planks together.

Reasonable Price Point

One of the primary reasons American homeowners choose laminate over other flooring options is cost. If you can afford to spend a little bit more for your flooring project, pay for thicker laminate. There’s a big difference between 8 mm laminate and 12 mm laminate. Be sure to do your homework before you buy and ask your flooring professional for advise. Flowers Flooring has laminate experts who can help steer you in the right direction and make recommendations on the best laminate selections for your home.