The Beginner’s Guide to Heated Floors

Guide to Heated Floors | Flowers Flooring

It used to be that heated floors were an expensive endeavor that was reserved for only the most elite and posh homes. With advances in heated floor technology that have made it more accessible and affordable, it’s not so out of reach for today’s savvy homeowners.

The perfect time to consider adding heated floors to your home is when you are installing new or updating your old flooring. If that is where you find yourself, there are some great reasons for investing in heated floors in your home even if you live in a Southern state where temperatures are relatively moderate. If you turn on the heat for any portion of the year in your home, then you could benefit from heated floors.


Even and Energy Efficient Heat

The radiant heat given off by heating systems installed underneath the floor is significantly more energy efficient than other types of heat like forced air and radiators. Not only does it give your feet a subtly warm, cozy surface to walk on, but it is also highly effective at heating a room evenly. Meaning there are fewer cold pockets of air and an entire room is kept at the same temperature. Many builders who specialize in green builds are looking to this type of heat as a more environmentally friendly option.


Can Be Installed Under Any Type of Flooring

The best news about the floor heating systems available in the market today is that they can be installed under any type of flooring. Tile, hardwoods, carpet, and even vinyl plank flooring are all perfect candidates for this type of heat. This vastly expands your options as to where and how you add heated floors to your home. However, make sure you enlist the help of a flooring installation company that is familiar with installing floors over different types of radiant heating systems.


Not Just for the Bathrooms

Let your imagination run wild about where you can incorporate heated floors into your home. You aren’t limited to just the bathroom anymore, especially since it can be installed under nearly every type of flooring. Living rooms, bedrooms, en suites, kitchens, mudrooms, basements, and entryways are all potential locations. Even your entire home can be heated with just heated floors. Additionally, heated floors on your patios, porch, or sunroom make them suitable for year-round use, turning a three-season room into a four-season room.

While not inexpensive, heated floors are not just a luxury reserved for those with massive piles of disposable cash. Now, while you are considering new floors, is the time to research your options and possibly invest in heated floors for your home.


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