The Best Laundry Room Floors: How to Select Flooring for Laundry Rooms

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The dreaded laundry day. If you must wash, dry, fluff, and fold it may as well be in a comfortable, decorative room. A coat of crisp neutral paint that brightens and livens up the space paired with modified cabinets and shelving, a splash of accent color, and micro details from containers and wall art are all must-haves for a laundry room makeover. While creating an inviting space to do the wash is important, a space that is equally practical and functional is key. Laundry room flooring is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Laundry Room Flooring

Moisture is a major concern when choosing laundry room flooring. Like bathrooms and home gyms, carpet is probably not the best choice when it comes to the potential overflowing washing machine or spilled detergent that is inevitable when doing the laundry. Laundry room flooring will need to be able to withstand perpetual wear and tear. Flooring in the laundry room, especially if it is located in a high-traffic area or coupled with your entryway, mudroom, or even located in the basement or garage, should be:


  • Moisture-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Stylish


The flooring in the laundry room should minimize moisture and humidity absorption to prevent swelling, warping, and molding. Prevent stains from common spills, tracking in dirt, and splatters with a stain-resistant flooring choice and one that is easy to clean to minimize upkeep and maintenance. Choose a floor that is able to withstand impact and prevent dents and scratches that may be inflicted from heavy appliances or high foot traffic.


As with choosing any flooring option, it is always ideal to find one that is affordable, yet aesthetically pleasing that fits within your design scheme while being completely functional.


When choosing a laundry room floor, it is best to consult people who know flooring like the experts at Flowers Flooring.


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The Best Laundry Room Floors

Steer clear of carpet and hardwood flooring in the laundry room. They will absorb moisture and are not as resistant to dents, scratches, stains and other damages that are paramount to the floor of your laundry space. The best options for laundry room floors are:


Laminate Flooring

Laminate is an attractive and affordable choice for your laundry room. It is easy to install and comes in an array of colors and patterns suitable to fit a wide range of designs. Since it will be used in the laundry room, choosing a waterproof feature is a must. Not all laminate floors are waterproof and if the flooring you choose is not, it will wear easily and quickly in the event of flooding or repeated exposure to moisture. It is easy to replace in case of spot damage, so overall it is a good choice for the laundry area.


Sheet Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl

A single unseamed piece of sheet vinyl is one of the best choices for laundry room flooring. It is completely waterproof, stain resistant, and highly reliable. Depending on the size of your laundry room, you can get sheet vinyl installed avoiding seaming almost completely, adding even more moisture resistance.


Luxury vinyl (LVF) is a great option that is available in many patterns and colors, some even resembling real hardwood to give your laundry room an elevated design. This type of vinyl is also easy to self-install, but you may want to enlist the professionals for larger spaces larger pieces of flooring which can be more difficult to maneuver and work with. Vinyl is moisture resistant, with little to no seaming making it waterproof.


Engineered Hardwood

The option of engineered hardwood brings the great look of natural hardwood but with more durability and without the difficulties of natural wood floors. Less susceptible to scratches, dents, stains, and moisture engineered hardwood flooring is a more stable option when compared to other hardwood options. Though this flooring choice is a bit more costly than laminate or vinyl, it is a good alternative when you want the look of hardwood but want more durability. Beware, that this flooring can be damaged by laundry chemicals, and is not waterproof so the veneer may deteriorate if flooded.



Ceramic and porcelain tile are historically popular laundry room flooring choices. It is one of the most waterproof, easy to clean and maintain flooring options there is. Tile flooring is relatively affordable, but the installation is probably best left to the pros. From a design standpoint, tile is definitely an option that offers a wide range of styles, colors, patterns, and designs that are both timeless and trendy. Tile floors can really elevate the look of your laundry space.


There are some downsides to tile flooring, but none that aren’t easily adaptable with some preparation. Tile is inherently cold, but that can be combated with radiant heating or even non-slip, washable area rugs. Tile can be difficult to deep clean, while surface cleaning spills, splatters, and daily dust is easily mopped or swept up on a routine basis. But deep cleaning trapped particles from the molding can prove to be more intensive and difficult.


Despite the small challenges tile presents, it is still one of the top laundry room flooring choices that checks most, if not all the requirements.


Rubber Flooring

As with home gyms or playrooms, rubber floors offer both sensibility with incredible durable properties that make it an excellent choice for laundry rooms. Rubber is versatile, moisture resistant, anti-microbial, and waterproof. Rubber flooring is also very easy to install, clean, and maintain. It holds up well to high traffic and impact and is a cozier alternative to tile or laminate offering both functionality and warmth. The incredible durability of rubber flooring doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looks. Rubber tile is available in many colors, designs, styles, and even patterns.


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