Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bath

Choosing tile for your kitchen or bathroom can be overwhelming but a lot of fun, especially with the latest trends and style choices available.

Benefits of Tile

One of the great things about tile is that you have SO many options. From natural stone like travertine and marble to ceramic or porcelain tiles, there is one for every sized budget. Within the selection of materials, there are endless options of size, shape, pattern, and color. If that is not enough to get you excited about tile, think about the practicality of using tile. It’s supremely durable and moisture resistant –meaning it’s great for kitchens and bathrooms– AND it is extremely easy to clean. Win, win, win!

Tile Trends and Ideas

If you are looking for the latest trends and some ideas for your kitchen or bathroom tile, we have some great options for you to consider.

Wood Look Tile
If you love the warm look of hardwood floors but understand that they are not the best suited flooring option for a kitchen or bathroom, tile that looks like wood is a great idea. Many tile manufacturers have noticed that consumers want this look and have released products that mimic hardwood floors. These tiles look really great with thinner grout lines to enhance the look even further.

Patterned Tile
Square tiles with a printed pattern on top, like Moroccan tiles, are very popular on bathroom or kitchen floors and backsplashes. Or, choose a patterned tile that, when put together, create one larger format pattern.

Creative Tile Installation Layouts
We love the rise in installation layout alternatives to the traditional brick pattern. Herringbone, basketweave, and windmill patterns are just a few that homeowners are opting for in their kitchens or bath. Even plain white tile can be a showstopper when you choose a non-traditional installation pattern.

Bold Tile Colors
While no one anticipates white subway tile ever going out of style, bolder color splashes like teal, black and red are rising in popularity. Use color sparingly to add just a dash of interest, like a stripe or a dramatic accent wall.

Colored grout
A really wild trend right now in kitchens and baths is to use colored grout with the tile. We’re not talking about gray or black we mean colors like blue, red, and green. It’s a dramatic statement that really changes the look of the tile.

Tile Accent Walls
You can create an accent wall with paint, wood, and tile. A tile accent wall in your kitchen or bathroom allows you to bring in some bold colors or patterns without overpowering the space. A shower is a great place for an accent wall.

Black and White Tile
As far as classic looks go, black and white tile has been in style for pretty much forever. It has appeared in Renaissance paintings and in a 2000 year old villa in Rome. It has been popular in homes in the United States as far back as the Victorian period in the late 1800s. So it is safe to say that choosing a black and white tile floor for your bathroom or kitchen is a great style choice.

Large Format Tile
Large format tiles are considered anything over 12 inches in width or height. Large format tiles give the illusion of a single, cohesive design since there are far fewer grout lines to interrupt the visual. Contrast this with mosaic tiles that are small and rely heavily on grout lines to create the look.

Shopping for Bathroom or Kitchen Tile

After your initial online research about tile for your bathroom or kitchen, we suggest heading into the showroom to see some tiles in person. Colors and patterns can look very different in person. Plus, many flooring companies will let you take samples home to see how they look. Or, better yet, try a virtual consultation with Flowers Flooring.


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