Tile Shower Surround Design Trends for 2022

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Over the past few years, the design of bathrooms has transformed from strictly functional spaces to one of style, refuge, and enjoyment. With more time being spent at home, curating a bathroom that feels spa-like is growing in popularity. One of the key components is the tile, it sets the tone for the entire space–especially the shower surround tile, which takes up quite a bit of real estate in the bathroom.

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What exactly is a shower surround? Simply put, a surround is just a technical name for the hard material, such as tile or glass, built around your shower. Its sole purpose is to direct water to the drain and protect the walls from moisture.


While a surround serves a highly functional purpose, they are also often a focal point of bathrooms, so the look and design of a surround is just as important as the material it is made from, and the entire look of a bathroom is often built around the surround.


This blog will explore the latest trends in designs of tile shower surrounds for 2022.


Strong Patterned Tiles

The design of shower tiles is becoming the pinnacle of personal expression. Bold, daring patterns and colors are becoming one of the top trends in bathroom tile. Much like the accent wall in other rooms, striking surround tile turns a mundane shower wall into a statement.


Dual-Colored Bathrooms

This classic design makes bathrooms look like showrooms. Monochromatic, textured tile in different shapes such as octagon, honeycomb, oblong and more, offers visual interest and a striking contrast when working with a dual-tone theme. This type of tile brings depth, dimension, and playfulness to your shower surround, while offering a level of sophistication.


Sustainable Materials

Materials that are sustainable and raw materials like ceramic, porcelain, and glass all have a great origin story and offer longevity and durability that is unmatched. Not only are these sustainable materials better for the environment, the longer a product lasts means it won’t need to be replaced and thrown into a landfill. Properly installed tile can last decades, making it an environmentally friendly choice, as well as a great long-term investment. Because the idea of greener materials is more popular than ever for homeowners, manufacturers offer tiles made from recycled content, which are not only “greener” but also offer a clean and refreshing look in an upcycled product.


Exterior for the Interior

As with many other style trends in 2022, bringing the feel of nature inside is still all the rage. From rustic to industrial chic, to earthy and serene, bringing the outdoors indoors is the perfect way to create a calming, spa-like retreat right in your own home. From natural stone to wood-looking tiles that can create an infinite variety of patterns and colors that can work with any size bathroom.


Bathroom Tile Shower Surround Designs

Whether your style is bold and modern, rich colors, striking patterns, monochromatic, or spa-like shower surround tile design is the main event when it comes to bathroom design. The bathroom is our place of retreat in our home, so it only makes sense that the bathroom is becoming a showplace of personal expression.


Choosing the right tile design, pattern, and material is critical to designing the bathroom of your dreams. Flowers Flooring offers a wide array of shower tiles that can bring your vision to life and our professional installation crew can ensure that installation is done efficiently, on you budget, and correctly to protect your investment.



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