Tips on Moving Heavy Objects without Scratching your Floors

Prevent Damage to Floors when Moving Heavy Objects

You will inevitably have to move heavy objects, like furniture, at some point in your life because of a move to a new home, a home improvement project, or simply to rearrange your space. Whatever the reason, moving heavy objects to prevent damage to your floors is a bit of an art form.

There’s a lot at stake, especially if you have hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring that could get scratched, dented or otherwise damaged. If you have carpet, its at risk for rips and scrapes, as well. Not to mention the risk of physical damage to your lower back. Like any home project, the key is the right tools. If you want to make sure you don’t scratch your floors, try implementing these tips and tricks when you are moving furniture.

What Can Happen While Moving Furniture

As mentioned, damage to your solid surface floors is a real concern and perhaps should be your number one concern when moving heavy objects. Repairing damaged floors requires hiring a professional to either repair or replace the damaged planks. If they are slight enough, you can buff out slight scratches or ignore them but large gouges or broken pieces should be fixed to avoid further damage. Moving objects can be difficult, but these simple tips should make the process a bit safer and easier on your floors.

Clean Floors Before Moving Furniture

Clean your hardwood or laminate floors first by sweeping or with a damp mop before you start moving heavy objects. Dirt and other grit that is trapped under the legs or the material you’re using to make things slide easily can seriously scratch your floors. Even a small piece of debris stuck under a heavy object can cause damage.

Disassemble Furniture

As much as possible, disassemble furniture to make it lighter. Remove pillows and cushions from couches. Take out drawers in desks and dressers. For beds, remove the mattress and take apart the frame. Lightening the load will make it easier to move and reduce the risk of floor damage.

Gather Supplies to Make the Move

You might be tempted to just jump right into moving, but gathering tools to help the move go more smoothly ahead of time will save you time, frustration and potential hiccups.

    • Gloves – Work gloves help you get a better grip and protect your hands from abrasions.
    • Furniture Moving Tools – Decide whether to use magic sliders, straps or a dolly. Available at most hardware stores, these tools make moving so much easier and are far less expensive than repairing any damage.
    • Helpers – Recruiting one or more friends or family to help you move heavy objects and furniture is probably the best tool you can have on your side.

Furniture Moving Strategies

Push, shove, lift, slide, roll. There are a few ways to approach moving heavy things around your home. Here are some of the most common.

Unless you are moving a very small or light piece of furniture, your best bet is to slide it. Most people don’t know how to lift properly (with their legs, not with their back), sliding can prevent serious pain. Use felt pad sliders or Magic Sliders, which are little pads that fit under the legs of your furniture or other heavy objects. They allow heavy items to slide easily and prevent dents and scratches in your floors.

Moving Straps
Another handy strategy is to use moving straps also known as furniture lifting straps. They are placed under an object and then up around your arms or shoulders. They distribute the weight of the object and make it easier to lift.

Hand Truck
A hand truck makes moving heavy objects easy work. Even a person that is not that strong, can move a good amount of weith with a hand truck. Plus it eliminates lifting and carrying. That’s why you commonly see delivery drivers using them. The are especially useful if you need to move something down the stairs.

Bath Towels
If you don’t have any of those tools available to you, you can also place towels or rags under the legs of the furniture. Simply rock the heavy item or furniture forward or backward and slide the towel under the legs. If you are moving heavy items across carpet, use cardboard under the legs, as it helps slide easily and prevents tears in the carpet or flooring.

Prevent Floor Damage

Whatever your moving and whatever strategy you use, remember to protect your floors from damage by using some of these steps and tips.

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