Top 3 Commercial Flooring Options for High Traffic Areas

Commercial Flooring Options for High Traffic Areas | Flowers Flooring

If you’re renovating a commercial space or tackling a new build and it’s time to choose flooring, it’s important to research your options. Make a smart flooring choice now, in the beginning, and save yourself money and frustration later.

So many variables come into consideration when it comes to commercial flooring that there is no one best option. There are a couple that we think are the top choices though and they are hardwood floors, commercial-grade carpeting, and vinyl plank.

3 Best Commercial Flooring Types

  • Hardwood

For a sophisticated and traditional look that will last for years in your commercial space, choose real or engineered hardwood floors. Retail, office space, hospitality, or mixed-use commercial properties all are perfect for hardwoods. They are easy to keep clean, don’t hold dust, and rarely need to be refinished or replaced.

  • Carpet

With new innovations in carpet technology, business owners have access to more durable carpet options in a wider range of designs than ever before. Carpeting is a great choice for office spaces, multifamily housing, and hotels that need the sound muffling aspects of the product. It also gives warmth to a space that is not achieved by hardwoods or vinyl plank. One thing to consider is the maintenance requirements associated with installing carpets in your building. They need a regular cleaning and shampooing schedule to keep them looking their best. Also, carpet is not a one and done flooring. Expect to have to replace your carpeting every few years due to wear and tear.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl plank flooring sales have really jumped in the past few years for commercial use properties. It’s a popular choice for a wide range of commercial spaces from retail to hospitality since it can be installed over almost any type of subfloor. It’s incredibly durable, waterproof, super easy to clean, comes in beautiful designs that look just like wood and it’s affordable.


Making A Decision

We work with many commercial customers in the Charlotte area and the number one thing we tell our clients is to consider your company’s needs and let that drive your flooring decision. Is it budget? Is it durability? Is it ease of upkeep, color choice, or availability? Whatever it is, keep that in mind when you choose the flooring for your commercial space.

For Example:

  • Is your building closed to the public and only has a small number of employees? Choose hardwoods.
  • Is sound-proofing or sound-lessening important? Choose carpet.
  • Is there a high chance that spills could occur? Choose vinyl plank.

In reality, what you will find is that you may need two or three different options in your space like vinyl plank in an entryway and hallways, and carpets in the offices. Just don’t make the decision on which flooring to install in your commercial building without some forethought and research.

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