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The flooring industry is ever-changing, evolving to new trends in both design and functionality. In the constant effort to meet the needs of contractors, designers, and homeowners alike, flooring materials and options need to be stylish, versatile, sturdy, and affordable–no short order. With thousands of choices on the market from numerous manufacturers, the possibilities truly seem endless. So how to make sure your new floor is trendy, stylish, and withstands the test of time, getting the most from your investment?

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As the new year approaches, if you’re considering tackling a renovation project that includes selecting and installing new flooring, you’ll want to review these predictions for the latest upcoming flooring trends that will take center stage in 2022.


Types of Flooring That Will Be On-Trend in 2022

Hard surfaced floors are trending, while carpet also still remains popular. Let’s explore this list of trending flooring materials for the upcoming year.


Solid Wood

The preferred flooring for decades with its timeless beauty and versatility, hardwood has been the go-to flooring option for many homeowners. Not only does hardwood never go out of style, but it is also a long-lasting material that will offer longevity for your home. Although strong, timeless, and durable, hardwood is more susceptible to daily wear and tear–scratches, dents, warping from moisture–and therefore the ideal spaces to use solid wood are limited (not the laundry room or bathroom).


Engineered Hardwood

With the look of solid wood, engineered hardwood brings more stability and sustainability to the table. This flooring is low-maintenance, and an affordable alternative to natural wood. Engineered hardwood is also more durable, water-resistant and waterproof, and less susceptible to dents, scratches and buckling that natural wood. With many homeowners favoring authenticity in their designs and placing high priority on quality materials, engineered hardwood offers both at a price point many are comfortable with.



Vinyl flooring is getting closer and closer to natural wood and stone looks thanks to advanced engineering and technology. And the best part is vinyl flooring is a fraction of the work and cost compared to other options. Vinyl is durable, warm, resilient, and stylish and is becoming one of the go-to flooring choices among homeowners and contractors.



Made to imitate solid wood, laminate is a popular, durable alternative choice for popular wood-look flooring. Laminate offers an attractive, versatile flooring option with good durability and features that make it an outstanding investment that will withstand daily wear and tear with ease of maintenance. It is also an affordable solution at a lower price point compared to hardwood.



Tile flooring is a classic look. Tile offers outstanding versatility and offers practically indestructible composition. It is naturally waterproof, and is one of the only flooring options that can truly be used successfully in any room–kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, living rooms, you name it.



Carpet is a tried and true flooring choice, and wall-to-wall carpeting is definitely on-trend in 2022. While carpet is not ideal flooring for every room, it is fantastic for warmth and comfort in many areas of the home. And with advanced technology, maintenance is much easier and carpet is now offering the benefits of even more longevity–making it a sound flooring investment. More people are turning back to carpet and embracing bolder colors, patterns, and plush textures.


Flooring Looks Trending in 2022

Patterns and textures are making a huge impact on flooring trends in 2022. The ongoing trend over the last few years has been bringing more natural looks inside. Decorative styles and bolder, more exotic patterns and textures are peppered in, but overall the natural look is leading the charge. The flooring looks with the most longevity remain natural wood, or wood-look-alike, and stone.


Wood, and Wood Looks

Wood floors have been the popular choice for home flooring for ages, but solid hardwood is pricey and finicky and so it is not always the most accessible to everyone. Enter engineered hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and even hybrid flooring.


Hybrid planks are the latest trend, bringing natural wood and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) together for the best of both worlds. This flooring is water, scratch, and dent resistant and affordable.


As far as design goes, the trend for wood and wood look-alike flooring ranges. Wide planks have been at the top of the interior design list for years, and they are here to stay. Wide plank flooring opens up a room and is often used to make a space appear larger and more spacious.


Another trend we are going to see more of in 2022, parquet flooring. Parquet flooring, popular in Europe, is now making a statement across America. For a statement floor, parquet is the bold, modern look you’re looking for. Many designers and homeowners are opting for herringbone patterns or chevron to really make a statement, creating a showpiece in all different spaces. This flooring style is not even limited to be walked on, but we’ve seen this trend on walls and even ceilings—sky’s really the limit for parquet.


Shabby chic is still in. Rustic textures are trending. From distressed, hand scraped, sawn, or brushed these textured floors bring a worn, lived-in feeling to your space. Distressed floors give a naturally aged look with small grooves and undulations that have been hand distressed. Handscraped floors offer a rugged look with depth and definition that is smooth to the touch. Sawn finish is rough and as natural as it comes. Giving the appearance of fresh cut wood. Lastly, brushed wood floors are lightly brushed to remove softer fibers between the harder grains for a finish that subtly highlights the natural wood.


2022 Trending Flooring Colors

Interior design trends for 2022 are all about the neutral color palette. 2021 brought an increase of beige, cream, white, and greige flooring colors and 2022 is ready to carry on these trends. The look we are going for is neutral, natural, and pushing a focus on light, airy looks and warmer tones.



Gray flooring, but particularly gray wood, has become a popular trend. Designers have started taking the gray trend and mixing grays with beige to create the popular greige tone that is making its place known in 2022. Greige and charcoal will be all the rage this year, giving depth and dimension to your flooring.


Blonde Wood

The days of lighter flooring being outdated or giving the appearance of being inexpensive are out, and blondes are back in! More homeowners are looking to achieve light, airy, natural looks in their homes and blonde wood, or wood-like floors offer a timeless, light feel. This look is so versatile with endless decorating possibilities. You’ll see this flooring in modern kitchens as the trends move even more toward modern farmhouse looks and become less industrial. Blonde floors also help create an open space, and give the feeling of a room being larger and more open, especially when using wide planks.



White Flooring

For a clean, airy, beachy feel white marbled and white-washed wood looks are the trend to follow. The whitewashed look is more of a coastal trend that is making its way into other areas of the country. WIth a relaxed, beachy vibe your home can feel like vacation year-round. Because whitewashed floors can show the appearance of wear with darker colors peeking through, it fits right on-trend with the distressed, aged, and worn look that is popular for 2022. Whitewashed floors will brighten your home and give the appearance of a larger space and has the versatility to appear relaxed and ‘beachy’ or can also feel upscale and contemporary depending on the surrounding decor.


In addition to whitewashed wood and wood-like floors, the traditional white flooring such as cream and white ceramic tiles or vinyl tiles are popular for bathrooms, kitchens, and even commercial spaces. White floors instantly open up a room to give a bigger appearance, creating light and space; this is especially true when using large format tiles. And the best part is that classic white flooring will always remain in style.


Honorable mentions for flooring trends include high color variation wood planks and black and white flooring, this vintage look is making a striking comeback for 2022. Black and white flooring is a classic choice that can work for both modern and vintage aesthetics.


2022 Trending Flooring Patterns and Textures

The following trends have been pretty consistent over the last few years and these patterns and layout will continue to contribute fun, visually interesting aspects to your overall room design.


Wide Plank Flooring

This trend is predicted to become a staple in 2022 and beyond and will likely be a look that can stand the test of time.


Chevron and Herringbone Floors

Two patterns we see everywhere–and the floor is no exception. These flooring patterns look unique and are fairly easy to achieve.


Checkered Floors

Back to the classic black and white look–give a room either a vintage nod with a modern twist. This tried and true design has been a staple in kitchens and bathrooms for years and is making a statement in full force. Now, no longer limited to just black and white, you’ll be seeing checkerboards in a variety of colors and even in printed, patterned tile.


Tile Transitions

Really, visual interest is the trend for 2022, which is why creative tile transitions are becoming so popular. This hot new craze in flooring design slowly blends two contrasting flooring types, such as tile and planks, so that they “trickle” into one another creating a super cool looking floor.


The Carpet Craze


While hard surface flooring has been the focal point so far of 2022 trends there will always be a place for carpet. In 2022 you’ll see everything from shag and berber carpeting, to cut and loop. There is still a place for carpet in the flooring world.



The 70’s are calling and we’re answering. Frieze, also known as “twist” carpeting, is making a comeback. This twist style is inspired by shag carpet textures where the fibers are twisted many times giving a curly appearance. This plush carpeting is not only cute, but comfortable and tremendously popular.



Also known as looped carpet, the fibers are tightly looped for a soft, yet durable surface. This carpet style is typical for commercial areas, but will be seen throughout homes as well, especially in areas with high foot traffic, pets, or kids. The comfort of Berber adds warmth to your space, but the durability makes it practical for families. Plus it looks great.


Cut and Loop

A classic. When you think of carpet, this is what comes to mind. This texture is reliable and trusty, and can stand the test of time. Both stylish and durable, this carpet combines two textures, cut, and loop for a contrasting effect that creates unique, stylish patterns. With patterns being all the rage in 2022, this style of carpet should be a mainstay for carpeting trends.


Style, Pattern, Texture, and Function: What You Can Expect of 2022 Flooring Trends

In the coming year, there is truly something for every taste and style in flooring trends. As the flooring industry has become more advanced in technology, so has the flooring materials offered on the market, meaning that functionality does not have to be sacrificed for style anymore. It really is the best of both worlds. The hottest 2022 flooring trends can be found in the showrooms and online at Flowers Flooring.


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