What to Know About Budgeting for New Floors

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Flooring is a big investment. Knowing your flooring budget before you start a project will help you set realistic expectations for how much you expect to spend. Prices vary wildly based on the type of flooring and the quality of flooring that you choose, plus there is a myriad of other costs to factor in, such as installation and materials (nails, underlayment, etc.)
Square Footage is Key
The single most important number you’ll need for estimating the amount it will cost to install new floors is the square footage of the floor area you need to cover. Most flooring is priced per square foot. In case you are wondering, a square foot is an area of measure that is equal to a 12-inch (1 foot) by 12-inch (1 foot) square.
How to Calculate Square Footage
If you have a rectangular or square room finding the square footage is simple. You take the length of the room in feet and multiply it by the width of the room, measured in feet. That number equals the square footage of the room. If you have an irregular shaped room with bump outs, closets, etc, you need to do a couple more calculations, but the basic length times width calculation will get you a good approximation of the area.
Cost by Flooring Type
The biggest price variable in new flooring is the type of floor you get. After flooring type, you get into variations based on quality. There are so many options to choose from now, it is easier than ever to find a floor that fits in your price range.

Your budget will help determine what kind of floors to put in your home. There are super affordable options available, but you’ll sacrifice a little on the quality and durability. On the other end of the spectrum, you can pay more, but you’ll get a product that is well made and will last for many years to come. Traditional hardwoods tend to be the most expensive option while laminates tend to have a lower price point overall.

Type of Flooring Average Cost per Square Foot
Hardwood $10 – $18
Laminate $6 – $9
Luxury Vinyl $3 – $12
Carpet $2 – $15
Tile $3 – $20
Engineered Hardwood $6 – $20

Other Costs to Consider
The cost of the flooring material is just one piece of a new floor budget. There are other project costs to factor in as well. For example:

● Tear out – You need to remove old flooring if you are doing an update. If you hire an installation company, this cost for the labor to tear out floors might be included.
● Disposal – Getting rid of the old flooring is an added cost. You’ll probably need to rent a dumpster for this.
● Underlayment – Some types of floors require some sort of underlayment, pad or moisture barrier. The cost of this ranges from $2 to $4 a square foot on top of the cost of the flooring.
● Materials – There are some random material costs that go into installing new floors like glue, nails, leveling compound, stain, sealant, etc.
● Trim – Most often, professional flooring installers will protect existing baseboards and trim so they can be reused. If you want to update them or they are too damaged to reuse, you’ll have to add this to your flooring budget.
● Thresholds – Another added cost to new floors is transition pieces. They are needed any time a floor goes into another room or butts up against another type of flooring material.
Know Your Exact Flooring Costs
Take the guesswork out of it. Schedule a free in-home estimate and consultation with Flowers Flooring and find out the exact cost of installing new flooring in your home without any obligation.

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