Which Comes First? New Floors or New Paint.

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One of the great debates of the home renovation universe is the question of whether you should install new flooring before or after you paint walls and trim. The quick answer is floors first, paint second. However, there are valid arguments and scenarios for both ways, so it really should be decided on a project-to-project basis.

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One thing you may have noticed is that one often leads to the other. Meaning, after a new floor installation many homeowners decide that the walls look a little grungy and need or a color refresh or they are inspired to go with a totally new paint color.  Let’s face it, you do the floors, you are inevitably going to want to paint the walls.


It happens in reverse as well. A shiny, newly painted room suddenly outshines the floors and, you guessed it, you are suddenly shopping for new carpet. This is what we refer to as the reno domino effect. One little change leads to more, and more, and more. In corporate lingo they refer to it as scope creep.


“We’ve seen it happen so many times. We’ll install beautiful new carpet, or cool hardwood floors, or luxury vinyl and homeowners immediately look at the walls and the scuffed-up trim and want it painted. It happens so frequently that we now offer professional painting services. It makes sense to get it all done at once,” said Jeremy Flowers, owner of Flowers Flooring and Flowers Painting.


When to Install Floors First

Generally speaking, floors should be installed before painting if possible. Especially if you are working with professional installers and professional painters. Inevitably, during the process of ripping up old floors, pulling off baseboards, and bringing in materials, walls may get marked up and acquire some new dings. Painting afterwards ensures your paint job doesn’t get destroyed.


Think of paint as the icing on the cake where everything is retouched, brings the room together and completes the project.


When to Paint Walls First

If ceilings are part of the renovation equation, then it’s not a bad idea to paint those before the old floors are removed. Professional painters know how to paint without leaving a trace, but it’s just easier when ceilings are involved to not have to worry about protecting the floor.


Plan for the Reno Domino Effect

The best advice we have is this; Plan for scope creep and think about painting at the same time you’re considering flooring options.

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