Why Rubber is the Best Flooring Solution for In-Home Gyms

Rubber is the Best Flooring Solution for In-Home Gyms | Flowers Flooring

The time has come to upgrade your home fitness space. The past year has more people ditching their fitness center memberships and working out at home than ever before. You’ve purchased the Peloton, filled the weight rack, joined the accountability apps—It’s go time! —but wait, what about flooring?

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Arguably the most important aspect of converting your basement, spare room, or garage into your dream training space is choosing the best flooring solution that will provide stability, protection, and comfort while giving you the look and feel of being at a commercial gym. Here is why rubber flooring is the best flooring material for a home gym.



What Type of Flooring Do You Need?

Have you ever even given a second thought to the flooring at your fitness center? Probably not. You just know that it was comfortable, provided support for a variety of training exercises, and looked the same day after day. Before you install your in-home gym floor, there are a few factors to consider:


  1. What type of equipment will the flooring need to support?
  2. What types of training will you mostly be doing?

Rubber Flooring and Installation is the Superior In-Home Gym Solution

Rubber sports flooring is the number one choice for commercial and home gyms. Rubber offers exceptional versatility to support a wider range of equipment and training styles. Even though your home gym won’t be seeing the volume of foot traffic seen at a commercial fitness center, the durability of rubber flooring is unmatched and a solid, worthy investment.


Rubber provides excellent shock absorption reducing the impact on your joints, while also protecting your subfloor. It has excellent traction and is a non-slip surface even when damp from a high intensity sweat session. It’s also water resistant, stain resistant, odor resistant, antimicrobial, and reduces noise (your neighbors will thank you). Rubber is low maintenance; it is easy to clean and rubber tiles and mats can be lifted up to be moved or cleaned underneath if needed. If cared for, rubber flooring can last up to 20-plus years.

Upgrading Your Home Fitness Space with Rubber Gym Flooring

Giving your in-home gym the look and feel of a commercial fitness center is easier and more affordable than you may have thought. Rubber flooring is available for installation in a selection of styles, colors, sizes, and thicknesses. Different options include interlocking tiles, rubber mats, and rubber sports floor rolls. Flowers Flooring provides a wide variety of rubber sports floors to choose from. Stop by one of our showrooms in Cornelius, NC, or Winston-Salem, NC to view samples, or call to schedule a free in—home estimate and our estimate technician will bring the flooring directly to you.


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