Why Your Home Should have a No Shoes Rule

Why Your Home Should have a No Shoes Rule | Flowers Flooring

Aside from the obvious muddy footprints and wear and tear on your floors, wearing shoes in the home can actually be a health hazard. Shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria. A University of Arizona study on shoe wearing in the home found that shoes can track in a host of organisms that can wreak havoc on your body. How many organisms? Over 400,000 bacteria per shoe, including fecal germs and diarrhea-inducing bacteria. The study also shows that the shoes themselves can get dirtier than a toilet seat. Your shoes can also pick up soil and plant matter which actually helps these microscopic critters thrive between your treads.

In addition to bacteria, your shoes also pick up toxins. If you’ve tromped through grass, your shoes could be covered in lawn fertilizer and or weed killer. If you crossed the street, chances are your shoes have trace amounts of gasoline and antifreeze. Studies show that prolonged contact with chemicals like these is harmful, and by tracking them through your home, you’re releasing them into the air your family breathes every single day.

Wearing shoes in your home can also wreak havoc on your floors. Have you ever seen what over-worn stilettos can do to hardwood floors? The nails protruding from the heels can leave an imprint with every step. This also holds true for rugs. Nail heads or anything that gets stuck to the sole of a shoe can create snags or stains. A rock in your tread can do serious damage to laminate, hardwood and carpet.

When you leave your shoes at the door and implement a no-shoe policy in your home you will save time on cleaning. Less dirt tracked in means less cleaning. What homeowner doesn’t love the thought of less cleaning?

If you’re torn because you love to wear shoes in your home, but you don’t like the idea of spreading E. coli on your floors, we have good news. Having a no shoe rule doesn’t mean you have to walk around barefoot. Consider having an indoors only pair of shoes that you slip on when you get home. Implementing a shoe-free policy can cause new friends and guests to raise a few eyebrows when they step foot through your door, but maybe they’ll see how clean your home is and institute a no-shoe policy themselves.

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